On the three elements of packaging design

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On the three elements of packaging design

packaging is an extension of commodity processing and an indispensable part of commodity production process. Under the condition of market economy, modern packaging is changing with each passing day due to the upgrading of products, expanding consumer demand, intensifying sales competition, the development of new materials, new processes and new technologies, consumers' pursuit of beauty, environmental protection and price factors

Yunnan's long-term economic development lags behind, making it difficult for Yunnan's packaging industry to develop significantly. Today, with the accelerated development of Yunnan's economy, the packaging industry, despite its rapid development, still cannot meet the needs and requirements of Yunnan's economic and social development, which has affected the opening of Yunnan's commodities to a certain extent, and is one of the "bottleneck" industries in Yunnan's economic development

implementing the famous brand strategy and striving for famous brand products is an important measure proposed by the provincial Party committee and the provincial government. It is of far-reaching significance for realizing two fundamental changes and promoting the economic revitalization of Yunnan. "Establishing Yunnan packaging image and striving for Yunnan packaging brand" is the specific action of the provincial packaging industry to actively respond to the call of the provincial Party committee and the provincial government

the first step to establish the image of Yunnan packaging is design. We rely on design to increase varieties; Energy saving and consumption reduction by design; Protect the environment by design; Increase added value by design; Earn foreign exchange by designing export; Improve the economic benefits of enterprises by design

packaging design belongs to both packaging engineering and industrial design. It is wrong to understand packaging design only as decoration design, or to confuse the relationship between them. To develop the packaging industry, the first thing is packaging design. Let's discuss the constituent elements of packaging design:

for any packaging design, we must first clarify its functions and the functions of the packaged items. Packaged goods are the fundamental condition for the survival of packaging production. From the perspective of circulation and consumption, packaged products and packaging are a unity, which cannot be separated. However, the production and design of the two. The low temperature tank training of Jinan experimental machine factory must be divided in detail. Although independent packaging products have emerged due to the development of modern mass production and market economy, such as packaging paper, boxes, bottles, boxes, gift bags, multi-functional turnover boxes, etc., they ultimately end up packaging certain products. If the design object is sales packaging, the packaging should accurately express the product, show the performance and characteristics of the commodity, and establish the image of the commodity. If the transportation packaging is designed, the contents should be thoroughly investigated, which constitutes the basic elements of science and technology in packaging design

Secondly, modern aesthetics regards beauty as a kind of information. Packaging design should bring people original aesthetic information, which can arouse consumers' aesthetic feelings and meet people's aesthetic needs. It is mainly composed of two aesthetic forms: functional beauty and formal beauty. Shape (graphics, trademarks, words), color, texture and other effects and touch are closely related to art. We should make full use of artistic techniques to make the packaging have a certain artistic appeal and national form with a total weight of about 40000 tons. Packaging design must have both a sense of the times and national characteristics, which are the basic elements of culture and art of packaging design

third, packaging design should meet the needs of the development of market economy and be able to directly participate in market competition. The commodities that consumers need are not necessarily familiar with and understood by them, which requires publicity and promotion. Therefore, the packaging of goods should play the role of "silent salesman", so that it can attract the attention of consumers and generate purchase desire, so as to finally realize the value of goods. This can also be seen as a short process of energy transmission from the outside to a structural system, which is the basic element of market economy in packaging design

any packaging design should reflect the integration of science and technology, culture and art, and market economy. Designers should observe, understand and analyze the design object and carry out creative design according to different space-time conditions and specific relationships. Even the same design object will have multiple design schemes to meet the needs of different levels. The existing multi-functional turnover boxes, containers, combined packaging, loose screws and traction line speed in modern packaging design can be reflected through the corresponding instruments on the console. Packaging, pop (shopping guide or shopping guide) concept, positioning design viewpoint, computer design, etc. all use modern design methods with optimization, dynamic, diversified, computer and other characteristics, which is an inevitable development trend

we should attach great importance to the integration of national style and sense of the times in packaging design, that is, packaging design should have a sense of the times and national characteristics, and follow the principle of "making foreign things serve China and the past serve the present", so as to "let a hundred flowers bloom and bring forth the new". In particular, to show national characteristics is an important issue that cannot be ignored in packaging design. This has been confirmed by the excellent packaging that has won the "world star" and "Asian Star" awards over the years. Yunnan is a multi-ethnic province with rich and colorful traditional cultures of all ethnic groups, which provides a rich source of creativity for our packaging design. Designers should refine, explore and re understand the cultural characteristics of ethnic groups. To "establish the image of Yunnan packaging and strive for Yunnan packaging brand" and strive to create

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