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Leasing industry: a sunrise industry to be explored by Chinese manufacturers

although I attended and inspected the annual leasing conference in the United States five years ago, the hot scene, vast scale and high popularity of the 2004 annual leasing conference in the United States still deeply shocked me. The leasing industry in the United States is widely valued by the society; The deformation of materials has significantly increased, and more than 80% of the products of manufacturers are sold to leasing companies; The powerful comprehensive service function of the leasing industry in stimulating consumption, allocating resources and improving GDP strongly stimulated everyone participating in the exhibition. The saying that leasing industry is the main channel of commodity circulation in developed countries is really not too much. In contrast, China's leasing industry is still in a little-known state; Manufacturers still stay in the marketing mode of one-time buyout; The leasing industry can play a big role in many economic fields. All these urge me to tell you my experience of witnessing the American leasing annual conference and the development of the leasing industry in the United States

the leasing industry has become a sunrise industry in developed countries, and the demand for leasing has a huge market and potential

the American leasing annual conference organized by the americanrentalassociation has always been the largest leasing trade exhibition in the world. In 2004, the 48th annual conference of American leasing was held at the world convention and Exhibition Center in Atlanta, Georgia. The total exhibition area is 56600 square meters; Set up 7 rental forums and training venues; It consists of 2800 booths and 825 exhibitors. Exhibitors come from 51 states in the United States and more than a dozen countries around the world

the exhibition is divided into four parts, including heavy machinery exhibition area, light machinery exhibition area, repair and maintenance equipment exhibition area, and daily necessities exhibition area. There are more than 300 kinds of exhibits, ranging from heavy lifting equipment, aerial work vehicles, large trailers, to office supplies, camping tents, glassware, fitness equipment, household tools...

the exhibition hall, which can accommodate thousands of stalls, is crowded. The roar of motors demonstrated by various kinds of equipment, the dialect negotiations of all parts of the United States and other countries are intertwined, and the boiling is like an enlightening large symphony

what is the reason for the strong development momentum of the leasing industry in the United States

through the visit to Ms. christinewehrmanls, executive vice president of the American Leasing Association, senior leaders of Guinness, Ingersoll Rand, JLG and other companies in the United States and consulting relevant materials, I have a relatively complete understanding of the current American leasing industry. The leasing industry has long been the second largest financial instrument in the United States after bank credit. It plays a unique and huge role in stimulating U.S. investment demand, promoting credit consumption, promoting corporate finance, and stimulating the entire national economy, especially GDP growth. In today's United States, leasing has not only played a financing function of "using tomorrow's money today", but also been used to accelerate cash flow, revitalize stock assets, improve financial statements, reasonable tax avoidance and other financial functions, as well as the strong promotion function of manufacturers in expanding customers and collecting payment. In particular, its promotional function is very powerful. So far, leasing has been the main channel for the product marketing of manufacturers in American aviation, shipping, electrical, automotive, construction, real estate, medical equipment and other industries, accounting for more than 50% of the market share. According to the statistics of the world leasing annual report, the leasing penetration rate of the United States (that is, the investment and purchase rate of fixed assets in the whole society in the form of leasing) has remained above 30% since 1984, with a maximum of 38%. The words rent or less can be seen everywhere in the streets and alleys of the United States. Leasing has truly become a sunrise industry in the United States

leasing service manufacturing industry is the main theme of the leasing industry in the United States. Leasing has the magical function of stimulating the economy and expanding domestic demand

in the conversation with senior leaders of American manufacturers, we mentioned the most question is: how much of the total sales of products sold through leasing? Most of the answers are at least 60%, and some are as high as 80% - 90%, including some internationally renowned companies, such as Caterpillar, Guinness, etc. Bob Wilkerson, President of Guinness, told us that more than 90% of their aerial work vehicles and other types of equipment are sold to professional leasing companies all over the United States and around the world, and then the leasing companies implement short-term leasing or rent for sale according to the needs of end users. Among them, the largest leasing partner owns Guinness 65000 aerial work equipment

in fact, the fundamental reason for the development of the rental industry in the United States lies in the full involvement of manufacturers. The seven major car rental companies, such as Hertz and bajit, are national and even global rental companies, with a total of about 3million operating cars, and the annual car rental volume is as high as $100billion, accounting for nearly one third of the total rental volume in the United States. Most car rental companies have a very close relationship with car manufacturers. Car rental companies buy fewer cars for rental, accounting for less than 20%, and more than 80% of cars are rented from manufacturers. The lease period is generally one and a half to two years. After the lease period, they are taken back by the manufacturer, and after renovation, they are sold on the market by second-hand car dealers. In this way, manufacturers can not only recover some funds through the rental market, but also get a lot of returns through the second-hand market, expanding their market share. Car rental companies can rapidly expand their business scale, while ensuring that cars are often rented and new, reducing maintenance costs

the above examples show that there is a close relationship between manufacturing and leasing. Manufacturing depends on leasing for development, and leasing grows in service manufacturing. The leasing service manufacturing industry has become the main theme of the leasing industry in the United States

why does the manufacturing industry favor the leasing industry so much? There are three reasons: first, Americans' consumption concept has completely changed. They believe that a smart entrepreneur should never solidify and deposit a large amount of cash when setting the tensile modulus of elasticity: the ratio of the tensile stress of the material in the elastic range to the corresponding tensile strain. Only through liquidity can the capital increase in value. Therefore, the demand for leasing not only exists in those enterprises that lack funds, but also in a large number of enterprises that are good at financial management and management. Manufacturers, facing a large number of rental customers, of course, have increased their favor. Second, for manufacturers, dealing with leasing companies has many benefits. It can not only expand customers several times and improve the competitiveness of enterprises, but also let leasing companies take care of everything to meet the needs of end customers, such as short-term leasing, long-term leasing, leasing for sale, second-hand equipment disposal and so on. They can concentrate on production and improve the technical content and quality level of products. Third, there is a greater advantage of dealing with leasing companies, that is, the one-time withdrawal of payment, which avoids the troublesome problems often encountered by manufacturers, such as triangle debts directly facing end users. In the final analysis, leasing is essentially financing the final customers of manufacturers, which not only enhances the purchasing power of customers, but also enhances the reproduction capacity and market share of enterprises

the American leasing exhibition sends a very strong message: it is urgent for China to develop manufacturer leasing in order to become the world manufacturing center

American leasing exhibition is a microcosm of the modern American economy. The reason why the American economy is so developed is the advanced market-oriented operation ability and marketing methods. Because the fundamental of market competition is the competition of physical product sales, different services must be provided according to the different needs of customers, especially the increasing differences in the needs of modern people who are proficient in business and good at financial management. Therefore, franchising, supermarket chains, e-commerce, leasing, auction, pawn, etc., which became popular at the end of the 20th century, have gradually become the characteristics of the American economy

compared with the strong development momentum of the leasing industry in the United States, China's equipment manufacturers and customers are still in the original stage of one-time buyout and the traditional concept. As everyone knows, after China's accession to the WTO, it is facing the situation of full opening to the outside world. Foreign manufacturing and leasing industries are entering China in large numbers, and the cruel reality is before us. To become the manufacturing center of the world, China must first occupy the market effectively and be competitive in marketing methods. The revolution of marketing methods, especially the development of manufacturer leasing, is urgent

how to speed up the development of China's leasing industry

first of all, it is very important for manufacturers to establish the concept of marketing reform and marketing innovation. Rental demand and potential huge market objectively exist. There is no doubt that the key is how to cultivate the market. As long as we adjust our thinking, actively explore, actively cooperate with leasing companies, or establish our own independent accounting leasing companies to provide leasing services for various users who are short of funds and have financial needs, we can quickly activate the market, so that manufacturers, leasing customers and leasing companies can achieve multiple win-win results

second, customers should understand and be good at using leasing, a new financing method. Developed countries ① In addition to debt financing and equity financing, small and medium-sized enterprises that will clear the displacement use lease financing more. Leasing financing has many advantages: it is not affected by the debt ratio; Simple procedures; Be able to reasonably avoid taxes and balance taxes; Good safety, etc. At the same time, many large foreign groups and listed companies use leasing to improve financial statements, revitalize stock assets, accelerate cash flow, increase investment return and other financial operations. According to the latest annual report of world leasing, the top four countries in terms of total leasing are the United States, Japan, Germany and the United Kingdom, which are also the four countries with the highest HRE in the world. Among them, the total leasing volume of the United States alone accounts for 45% of the world, which shows that the more developed countries are, the stronger the financial management ability and marketing ability of enterprises are, and the more prosperous and developed their leasing industry is

Third, the government should give high attention and substantive support. Successive American governments have attached great importance to leasing. As early as the Kennedy Administration era, preferential tax policies and legal provisions were formulated for the leasing industry, and two key points were grasped: actively guiding enterprises to attach importance to the right to use property and equipment and desalinating the concept of ownership; Banks, funds and consortiums are strongly encouraged to enter the leasing industry. Various measures have made the leasing business develop unprecedentedly, and made the United States become a global financial leasing center. However, China has not paid enough attention to the cultivation and legislation of the leasing market for a long time, with chaotic management lines and unclear positioning. It has even mistakenly included this kind of financial leasing characterized by promotion in the financial industry and implemented transitional supervision, and rejected many manufacturer leasing companies engaged in promotional leasing from the entry threshold. Due to the lack of legal qualifications and unequal tax policies, The leasing companies, especially a large number of manufacturer leasing companies and other domestic funded leasing companies, have been in a small, decentralized and disordered business state. (end)

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