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LyondellBasell raised the price of PP in North America in August

two subsidiaries of LyondellBasell plan to raise the price of PP in North America by 2 cents/pound (US $44/ton) from August 1. Equistarchemicals of the United States and basellpoliolefinas of Mexico also plan to adjust their PP 101 concrete interface treatment agent price in July according to the changes in the monthly contract price of polymer grade propylene

LyondellBasell is the second largest North American producer that announced the price increase of PP. Last week, total Petrochemical said it would raise the price of PP by 4 cents/pound from July 7

market participants said that its supply was tightened due to a series of production problems through strategic procurement, which was the main reason for the rise in PP prices. Dealers said that although the supply is tight, the price increase will still be resisted by buyers. The contract price of PP is tightened once a month when the emerging oil is free of bubbles, which changes with the change of the contract price of polymerized propylene (PGP). Market participants said that most of the contract prices are still based on the unit price, according to the formula plan, plus a premium of cents/pound

the contract price of Pgp in June was 67.50 cents/pound. It is reported that the contract price of Pgp in July was the same as that in June, which means that the contract price of PP in July will not change. According to Platts energy, the contract price of PP Homopolymer in June was 77 50 cents/pound, the lowest level since November 2013

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