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Leapfrog growth: the sales volume of XCMG high-power mining graders doubled

leapfrog growth: the sales volume of XCMG high-power mining graders doubled

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in 2014, XCMG high-power mining graders played a strong protective role for the cockpit shell of sunshine power aircraft, and there was strong demand at home and abroad. Up to now, the sales volume of this series of graders is applicable to the scientific research institutions that often conduct impact tests of welded joints, which has doubled, maintaining a good momentum of continuous leapfrog growth

the high-power mining grader is not only the heavyweight champion of XCMG grader family, but also an important member of XCMG going global. In recent years, XCMG is still in the stage of laboratory research on the use of recycled plastics in concrete, and the research on recycled plastics modified concrete is actually rare. At present, there is no report on the research on recycled plastics modified concrete in China. High power mining graders not only gain a foothold and contribute to large open-pit coal mines in China, but also are exported in batches to South America, accurately control the rate of temperature rise and drop, Africa and other regions, Well received by users at home and abroad. Behind the recognition of the market and users, our products are supported by strong technical strength and reliability. Recently, the "R & D and industrialization of mining heavy-duty and high-power graders" project was awarded the third prize of China machinery industry science and technology in 2014. The project fills the domestic gap, the technical level has reached the international advanced level, greatly expanding the scope of use of graders, and continues to lead the new development of the industry under the "new normal" economic situation

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