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Lead a better trip! Yutong's "four trumps" shine at Shanghai International bus exhibition

on December 9, CIB Expo 2020 Shanghai International bus Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as "Shanghai International bus Exhibition") kicked off at Shanghai New International Expo Center. Yutong Bus, together with four star models of L4 self driving bus Xiaoyu 2.0, T7 (2020), zk6100bevgs (double deck bus) and Yuwei high-end intelligent bus U10, showed its excellent strength to the outside world with a strong product matrix. Among them, Xiaoyu 2.0, which was recently released at the Beijing road transport vehicle exhibition, has also become a highlight of this exhibition, attracting countless fans

Yutong's "star array or the acceleration of cooling speed" made a heavy debut at Shanghai International bus exhibition

embrace the new opportunities in the post epidemic era

Shanghai International bus exhibition is a world leading professional bus exhibition. Since it was first held in 2012 with high-performance functional materials and material testing enterprises, the exhibition area has been expanding, the quality of exhibits has been improving, and the professional audience has doubled, It has become a wind vane for the development of China's bus industry

2020 Shanghai International bus exhibition opens

in 2020, in order to better comply with the new development and new needs of the global bus market, Shanghai International bus exhibition has been comprehensively upgraded, combined with global resources, formed a cohesive effect, become a linkage force leading China's bus market, accelerate the realization of "exhibits into commodities", and help the bus industry better explore development opportunities

Yutong Bus booth

in the post epidemic era, the warm winter has come, and the development of selective porous films should be strengthened. Exhibitors are enthusiastic, with more than 200 enterprises participating, and industry leaders pouring in; Seven top-level forums of the industry gathered celebrities to jointly solve problems for the development of enterprises and the reform of the industry in the post epidemic era. As a leading enterprise in China's bus industry, Yutong Bus has provided new ideas for the development of the post epidemic era with a full set of product solutions of "high-end + intelligence".

enable better travel with innovative technology.

at present, the situation of epidemic prevention and control in China continues to improve on the whole, and all walks of life have also fully opened the "heating up" mode. The road passenger transport market has gradually stepped out of the haze of the epidemic and entered a new stage of development. Standing at a new starting point, facing a new situation and looking forward to a new future, Yutong once again shows the posture of a leader in the bus industry

the leaders and guests attending the meeting experienced Xiaoyu 2.0

L4 self driving bus Xiaoyu 2.0, which is a remarkable achievement made by Yutong in combination with 5g technology in forward-looking modeling design, intelligent human vehicle interaction, Cloud Control Association, and the company's technicians' continuous innovation in terms of the operating procedures of the electronic universal experimental machine and how to solve external interference. The car has L4 level autonomous driving ability, which can realize super cruise, dynamic obstacle avoidance, autonomous overtaking, precise parking, vehicle road coordination, automatic parking, automatic charging, remote driving and other functions. It is the first self driving bus in the industry to support the operation without safety officers

leaders and guests at the meeting experience Xiaoyu 2.0

based on travel scenarios and customer needs, based on travel big data, and integrating technologies such as autopilot, IOT, cloud computing, 5g, Xiaoyu 2.0 can also provide humanized and efficient connection solutions to meet the needs of parks, scenic spots, public transportation, airports and other application scenarios, and provide a better choice for opening up the end of public transport and activating the "last mile"

actors, promising; Innovators control the future. Xiaoyu 2.0, released in Beijing and unveiled in Shanghai, is a concentrated display of the connotation of Yutong's smart technology products, and also demonstrates Yutong's determination to build a new ecosystem of smart travel. In the future, Yutong will continue to seize the opportunities of the times, salute the times with strength, help the future with science and technology, and enlighten the future with actions

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