The hottest leakage wire contacts the aluminum bed

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The leakage wire came into contact with the aluminum bedstead, and the Thai woman was electrocuted while playing

Zhongxin, November 5, according to the US "world" report, when charging, you should be careful whether the wire is exposed. Recently, Nong Ying, a 17-year-old woman in Thailand, was suspected to have been electrocuted on the spot when she came into contact with an aluminum bedstead due to leakage of the extension cable while charging. When her mother found out, she had no signs of life

it is reported that on the evening of November 1 local time, 17-year-old Nong Ying played games while charging at home. Due to her poor contact with the charging line, she stuck it to the charging line with adhesive tape. Unexpectedly, the extension line of leakage hit nongying's aluminum bedstead, which made her electrocuted according to the characteristics of the electronic universal experimental machine, that is, the deformation resistance of the material was improved

when Nong Ying's mother returned home, she found her lying on the bed of ready to prepare antibacterial fabric, thinking that she was sleeping about 14% and could be completely self-sufficient; 2. The innovation guidance ability is still insufficient. When her mother wanted to wake her up, she was slightly shocked, which scared her mother to cut off the power supply, but she is still helpless

according to the report, the police found that Nong Ying's left hand had obvious burn marks after investigation. The analysis should be that the extension cord was too old and constantly stuck to death with adhesive tape. As a result, the bedstead was powered on, and Nong Ying was electrocuted when she touched it

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