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Leakage free soft packing sealing technology

usually, the packing seal needs to inject a certain amount of flushing water or lubricating fluid. The packing gland cannot be pressed too tightly, and the effect of dripping water out of line should be achieved, so as to ensure the normal use of the packing. In other words, the traditional packing has certain leakage

"a new layered shear packing has changed people's traditional view. In 1995, chestrton introduced a new innovative packing, and a layered shear sealing packing CMS2000 came out." Mr. Zhao Jingwei, President of Aizhi (Nanjing) Machinery Industry Technology Co., Ltd. (now Aizhi group), said, "as a partner of chestrton, it is also the only agent in the Chinese market. Aizhi took the lead in introducing and promoting CMS2000 technology in the domestic market." Aizhi (Nanjing) Machinery Industry Technology Co., Ltd. changed its name to aiji'nan testing machine factory. The measurement of the force value of the thermal insulation material tensile testing machine is completed through the force measuring sensor, expander and data processing system. Aizhi Industry Technology Group Co., Ltd. has applied this technology to many chemical and municipal industries, such as steel strand and other materials) The application in electric power and metallurgical plants has achieved good results in energy conservation and emission reduction

csm2000 filler is composed of pure synthetic Kevlar fiber, high-purity graphite, PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene), organic sealant and other materials, forming a black colloid without specification restrictions. When in use, braided rings or graphite fillers are installed at the front and rear ends of the stuffing box. Therefore, this is the first time to prepare two-dimensional metal carbonization materials. In the middle, use a high-pressure injection gun to inject the colloid of csm2000 until it is full

in the process of shaft rotation movement, Kevlar fiber in CMS2000 packing (1) poor scientific and technological innovation will wind on the shaft (or shaft sleeve) and rotate synchronously with the shaft to form a "rotating layer". Near the inner wall of the stuffing box, the CMS2000 packing adheres to it to form a "fixed layer". In this way, the rotation of the pump shaft makes the packing layer in the middle of the packing make shear movement, because the attraction between the packing is very small. The friction coefficient between layers is very small

this kind of packing has the following characteristics:

(1) the inner and outer layers of the packing are adhered to the shaft and the stuffing box cavity respectively, and the pumping medium must break through the packing before it can leak out, so as to achieve the effect of no leakage within the allowable range of the packing

(2) since the packing has no relative movement with the shaft, the shaft will not be worn

(3) it can be repaired

(4) because the friction coefficient between the layers of the packing is very small, the friction loss between the packing and the shaft is smaller than that of the ordinary packing, so the power consumption is low

(5) simple installation

(6) no flushing is required

(7) low inventory, suitable for different packing cavities

this kind of filler also has some shortcomings, which limits its scope of application. Under high temperature, it will decompose and release harmful gases such as hydrogen oxide, carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide. In addition, its use pressure is limited

after the launch of csm2000, chishiden company launched a new generation of products used under high temperature. Table 1 shows the service conditions of several products

ingredients and properties of chishiden products

kevlar fiber is a synthetic special fiber mainly used in bulletproof clothing, which has extremely high impact strength and tensile strength. (end)

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