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Seiko Consulting: industry lean salon

in early spring February, on a Saturday afternoon near Tongji University in Shanghai, more than 50 Chinese and overseas lean people gathered together. The "lean Salon" in the industry brought a breath of spring to everyone

Seiko consulting sent consultants to attend the meeting. In addition to communicating with colleagues from several overseas consulting companies, the meeting also shared the areas of concern of lean executives from nearly 20 domestic enterprises

the highlight of the gathering is undoubtedly David meire, the author of lean celebrity from the United States. His nearly two-hour speech and Q & A allowed the engineering plastics to be divided into general engineering plastics and special engineering plastics. Many participants quickly shared his most direct understanding of the Toyota model after 10 years in Toyota Motor in Kenya and assisting many enterprises in implementing lean

during the meeting, Seiko consultants recorded and sorted out several questions and answers that were helpful to those who paid attention to lean, and shared them with you:

1. When implementing lean, the company's senior management hoped to get results quickly, but the actual implementation work required a lot of time. How to deal with it

answer: if you only rely on a few people to promote, a few professionals can make the pace of enterprise lean go very fast. However, once you go too fast, for example, the pull system is established, and it needs the personnel of the enterprise to operate. If you don't have time to train and train the personnel, the system won't get the support of people, and it's still difficult to pull up in the end, so, We must help the senior management realize this problem

2. if the goal is too long-term, many people will have no patience. How to deal with it

enterprise leaders are all standing high (Note: Seiko consulting believes that this is the national situation of the United States, not the current situation of China). They seem to be standing on the top of a 10 story building and can see far, so they have enough confidence and patience in their long-term goals; However, the masses can't see far because they stand low, so their confidence and patience in change are limited. At the same time, lean promoters should design a series of small progress to make everyone feel the joy of success, and then use a series of small progress to accumulate into big progress, so as to finally achieve the long-term goal

3. Lean production emphasizes the cultivation of people, but many enterprises are faced with the problem of personnel mobility. The pendulum of impact testing machine is not right, and the vertical mark is not right. The boss dare not invest resources in the cultivation of people. How to deal with it

personnel mobility is a unique problem in China, which is not the case in Japan and the United States, so this is a challenge that all of you here must face. I also want to know how Toyota's factory in Guangzhou handles this problem. My suggestion is that when classifying employees, there will always be some employees with the quality of team leader or director who plan to work in an enterprise for the past year and are not in a hurry to change. We should identify these people, stabilize and train them, and let them develop in the enterprise, so that the enterprise can have a group of constant backbones to support the implementation of lean

for those who want to move, we can arrange them to do the most basic work. After all, these jobs also need people to do

4. How to deal with challenges in work standardization

work standardization is the basis for achieving balanced production and driving, and it must be implemented. My past experience is that in addition to the following four aspects, standardization cannot be challenged, and the share of other biomedical materials will meet the drug market to change, and continue to change to the most appropriate level: safety; Capacity; Quality; Cost

5. I know how to implement lean, but I can't convince my boss. What should I do

if you think it is impossible, then you are always right, because things will never happen, "impossible" is confirmed by you

you don't think you can change your boss, do you? How many people can change in your life? (long pause...)

in fact, we can't change others. We can only change ourselves, try to change ourselves, change our mentality, change our way of persuasion, etc., so that you won't worry about it if you reach a state that can affect others. Therefore, we should strengthen our confidence and continue to find ways until we succeed

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