Application of the hottest ultrasonic level meter

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With the continuous improvement of coal preparation automation in China, coal preparation plants have higher requirements for various parameters, especially the accuracy of the bin. We know that the structure of coal bunker is quite complex, and the traditional feeding methods of powder bunker are various, such as belt feeder, scraper, bucket elevator, etc. The measured media are also different, and the specific gravity and particle size bring great difficulties to the measurement. Ultrasonic level meter has been widely used in the measurement of solid particles and block materials, and has been recognized to a certain extent

2. Principle of ultrasonic level meter

Siemens Miaoli ultrasonic if such causes are eliminated, the level meter is an instrument that calculates the distance from the transducer to the material surface by measuring the time of the sound wave emitted and received by the transducer

1) for the powder bin:

select a transducer with a large range to improve the intensity of sound waves and reduce the impact of dust on it

using a transducer with a foam surface can improve its emission intensity and sensitivity, and use vibration to enhance its self-cleaning ability

2) adjust the echo algorithm by using the dolphin software of Siemens Miaosheng

3. Application example

in the material level measurement of 20 clean coal silos in a power plant, because the clean coal contains a small amount of water, it is very easy to generate water mist on the edges of forgings, which brings certain difficulties to the measurement; The other four feeding ports and four discharging ports also bring some difficulties to the measurement. Specific parameters: the silo is 26 meters high and 15 meters in diameter. The materials are sent into the silo through the scraper. The four feeding ports are evenly distributed on the central line of the silo. The transducer must be installed at a distance of meters from the center of the silo and try to make its wave angle perpendicular to the material surface

the electronic unit of the instrument adopts Siemens Miaosheng DPL transducer and xls-60 type. After installation, firstly, the emission angle should be adjusted by the sight to make its measurement signal reach the best state. After power on, after calibrating all parameters (at this time, the response speed should be adjusted to 1m/s), observe that the signal line noise is basically dB, and there is basically no influence of electrical noise. During the feeding process (more than half of the material level), the echo intensity is 0:1, and sometimes the echo cannot be received. At that time, various reasons were analyzed and eliminated. Finally, it was believed that the reason for this situation was that the diameter of the silo was too large, and the internal situation was relatively complex, which brought certain difficulties to the measurement. In the process of echo processing algorithm, ALF is used, that is, the average value of the first wave and the maximum echo is taken. Because the shape in the bin is too complex, it is decided to change its algorithm, abandon the commonly used ALF algorithm and adopt a (take the maximum echo). After several minutes of observation, the echo intensity becomes, which is good. The error between the result calibrated by the laser rangefinder and the instrument display is about 0.1, that is, 2. Because the jaw of the hydraulic universal material testing machine is often used, it means that the measured value can better reflect the actual material level in the bin. After two months of observation, the operation has been very stable, which shows that the material level of the clean coal bunker can be measured by Siemens Miaosheng series products

4. Summarizing the above successful application examples, it shows that Siemens miaoshengli series ultrasonic level meter is effective in measuring coal bunker, ore, etc. as long as the correct transducer, transmitter and correct installation position are selected, the problem of powder bunker measurement can be solved. Therefore, it is an ideal choice to choose Siemens Miaoli series ultrasonic level meter in many industries. Combination of production, learning, research and enterprise (end)

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