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The development speed of leather machinery is slow, and it is in urgent need of transformation and upgrading

China's leather machinery industry is characterized by 'big' industry and 'old' industry, with slow development speed and difficult transformation and upgrading. With the slogan of green industry, some high energy consumption production industries have been transformed one by one, but the lagging foundation still affects the upgrading of the industry. To make backward high energy consumption line ldquo; Although it takes a small step to improve the standardization level of urban management; It is not easy for the real industry of the deposit system of beverage packaging to change rapidly, which needs to be carried out from two aspects: Technological Development and industry adjustment. In fact, in terms of technology, China has a certain level of application, and many large and difficult projects are famous internationally

relevant enterprises should actively establish good cooperative relations with domestic and foreign associations, organizations and institutions. At present, the prominent problem is that in terms of concept change, some enterprises have no one to be responsible for transformation and upgrading, and the technology left in their hands is useless. Although green industry and sustainable development are topics of great concern to the government and enterprises at present, the development mode of leather machinery industry is still extensive. There are countless enterprises with low production capacity, high consumption, heavy pollution and overcapacity, and the road to industrial upgrading is still long. In the future, we should implement standard management for key industries and enterprises, strengthen the research, development, promotion and application of cleaner production technology, and actively promote cleaner production and economical production. Focusing on key industries and fields, we should use automation technology to vigorously develop the circular economy and remanufacturing industry, and improve the efficiency of comprehensive utilization of resources

nowadays, China's leather machinery industry is still in the stage of rapid development, but how to balance transformation and upgrading with innovative development is still a problem that needs careful consideration. Among them, the automation industry should continue to strengthen its own maintenance programs with reasonable prices, which can improve the safety of more buildings and strive to drive the development of the whole Chinese industry

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