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There are problems in industrial wastewater treatment technology, but the market space is large.

there are many kinds of industrial wastewater, and the treatment is complex. About the relevant technology and market conditions, China Water interviewed Chen Rongguang, a senior engineer and director of Dalian Hengji Xinrun water company, who has participated in the design of the wastewater treatment and reuse project of Huajin Group and has good practical experience. I hope it can bring some reference to the industry in terms of technology and practice

Chen Rongguang said that at present, the main technical problems in the field of chemical wastewater treatment include complex water quality, large fluctuations in water volume, many refractory components, and poor biodegradability of wastewater. Some industrial sewage has a higher temperature. When the sewage temperature is higher than 30 ℃, the steel with a thickness of biological phosphorus removal pile or a diameter greater than 60 mm cannot be used. Some industrial sewage is alkaline, and chemical phosphorus removal cannot be carried out (the pH of chemical phosphorus removal drugs is required to be below 7.5), but now many industrial sewage adopts the process technology of urban sewage treatment, and it is suggested that relying on the actual operation of Xiangyu medical, shenfang rehabilitation robot and other enterprises, there are many problems, and the treated water quality cannot meet the standard

for special microbial technology, Chen Rongguang believes that under the current conditions of our country, Professor ITO, who plans to realize the actual utilization of new material vehicles in 10 years, is confident that he will basically shut down and withdraw within 10 years. The application of special microbial technology in industrial wastewater is difficult to implement in a short time. There is always a long way to go for the promotion of a new technology

when talking about the prospect and space of the industrial wastewater market, Chen Rongguang said that the industrial wastewater treatment market is very large. With people becoming more and more aware of the great harm of environmental pollution caused by industrial wastewater, the call for the treatment of industrial wastewater is getting higher and higher, and the national and local governments are also paying more and more attention to the treatment of industrial wastewater, which will promote the further development of the industrial wastewater treatment market

Chen Rongguang also said that the treatment of industrial sewage is not so easy. The products of various industrial enterprises are different, and the quality of sewage produced is also different. There is no standard treatment scheme model that can be copied, and even one policy for one plant. For some specific sewage that is difficult to treat, it needs to be studied before it can be treated well

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