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Industrial upgrading drives the demand for electronic components with high protection and high reliability in the West

benefiting from the basic national policy of industrial development in coastal cities moving west and the national western development, the industrial electronics, communications and new energy industries in the western market usher in a good period of industrial upgrading and development. Industrial Electronics/communications/new energy and other industries are different from consumer electronics, with outstanding characteristics of high integration, multi system coordination and poor use environment, This puts forward strict requirements for the high reliability and high protection of electronic systems. At the same time, the selection and application of new components such as protection devices and EMC have become a hot spot

in order to meet the technical needs of Western electronic engineers in circuit protection design, component selection, over-current and over-voltage protection, EMC design and testing, the Symposium on circuit protection and EMC technology, which will be launched in Chengdu and Xi'an, will be jointly organized by CNT networks, the Organizing Committee of China Electronics Exhibition and China Outlook consulting, and will focus on over-current and over-voltage protection through a series of high-level technical lectures Application of lightning protection design, ESD protection and EMC design schemes in Western markets such as industrial electronics, communications, radio and television, automobile and transportation, new energy, military industry, etc

the speakers of the technical lecture are Murata and Taiyo Yuden from Japan. It is extremely beneficial to improve the accuracy of products. AEM technology and bou fire have not spread violently. RNs, EPCOS, Suzhou taist, Junyao electronics, shunluo electronics, Shenzhen Penang electronics and other international and domestic leading electronic component companies. The seminar will be held at the 2011 China (Xi'an) electronics exhibition, which opened at Xi'an Qujiang International Convention and Exhibition Center on August 25; It will also be held in Chengdu Mingyue Hotel on August 23

the 2011 China (Xi'an) electronics exhibition will be held in Qujiang International Convention and Exhibition Center on August, with the theme of displaying electronic technology solutions for Industry and military industry. The exhibition contents include electronic components, power supplies/batteries, integrated circuits, embedded systems, electronic materials, electronic manufacturing equipment, electronic tools Electronic measuring instruments and otherwise need to adjust the control parameters (i.e. conventional P, I, D parameters) of the experimental machine at any time, industrial control automation system, etc. The participating manufacturers include the world's leading manufacturers of electronic components: sunlur, KEMET, Murata, Omron, Rohm, Weishi, Tyco, Infineon, oudu, etc; Leading domestic component manufacturers: BYD microelectronics, shunluo, Songtian, yidiandian, torch, Sichuan Huafeng, Jianli, Huafeng, Junyao, etc; Global well-known distributors tti-mouser, creative electronics, Ketong, CLP Huaxing, etc; Leading manufacturers in the global instrument industry: Agilent, Roeder and Schwartz, fluke, Yokogawa, tech, LiCo, minipa, Saibao, pan China, Yuanfang, Xinci, Jiazhao, Tonghui, etc

focus on communication lightning protection technology and EMI protection

with the increasingly advanced automation equipment of wireless communication systems, the precision integration of equipment circuits is increasing. The invasion of induced lightning and lightning electromagnetic pulse is easy to damage the corresponding electronic and electrical facilities. In addition, the exposure of outdoor antennas and cable feeders owned by wireless communication equipment has significantly increased the harm of induced lightning

lightning protection itself is a design difficulty, especially when there are many mutually restrictive factors in the application conditions of the equipment (such as input wide voltage and low lightning residual voltage, high current and small size, high temperature and long life, etc.), which are limited by the weaknesses of traditional protective devices (such as high residual voltage ratio of varistor, low interrupting current of discharge tube, low through current capability of semiconductor devices, etc.), Traditional protection schemes are often difficult to meet many mutually restrictive requirements at the same time, and new design ideas must be introduced to completely solve the problem. EPCOS' technical experts will share new ideas on circuit protection design in the communication industry

bourns' recoverable fuses, fast fusing fuses, thyristor overvoltage protection, TVs diodes, FET triggers, gas discharge tubes, electrostatic suppression protection and other products are all designed to withstand surges and maintain stable operation, which are well used in communication base stations

Shenzhen Junyao electronic gas discharge tube (GDT) is most suitable for rapid discharge of amplified current. Its main application markets are CATV, power module and communication base station

the working voltage of the communication equipment interface chip is low and increasingly fragile. Therefore, in order to maintain the safe and reliable operation of the equipment, Shenzhen Penang electronics shares with you the protection experience of the communication industry, including the protection of xDSL, Ethernet and cable ports

with the continuous rise of mobile terminal communication equipment, wireless communication plays an important role in mobile terminals, which makes the relationship between EMI and wireless communication more close. Murata of Japan will introduce the occurrence principle of EMC problems in the internal system of communication equipment and the occurrence principle of acceptance sensitivity problems, followed by the research on relevant EMC noise, including working conditions, conduction path and the principle of interference sensitivity, and illustrate some solutions to conducted noise and radiated noise with WLAN examples

industrial electronic protection solutions

bounrs in the United States launched the first high-voltage semiconductor current limiting chip TBU. TBU will provide high-energy protection level, and cooperate with other circuit protection components of Bourns to provide you with professional and complete protection solutions, including applications in industrial markets such as rs232/rs485/canbus

Shenzhen Penang electronics has rich experience in RS485, Ethernet and power port protection, which will help electronic engineers simplify the design

with the proliferation of portable, high-capacity and long-term endurance machine products, and the requirements of high-frequency, low power consumption, high current and high reliability for inductive components, Shenzhen shunluo electronics brings new application strategies for inductive components to meet the needs of design engineers for product lightness, miniaturization and low cost

with the extensive use of large-scale and high-speed ICs, the requirements for power supply systems are becoming higher and higher. Murata has perfect noise solutions, from AC to DC, from high voltage to low voltage, from high frequency to low frequency. For each part of the power system, Murata can not only provide the best cost-effective noise suppression products, but also provide a complete set of noise solutions to help design engineers design perfect power solutions to the greatest extent

Suzhou taist will bring the key points of ESD protection and Countermeasures for common problems in the immunity test of electrical fast transient pulse group. By considering the discharge of charge, PCB grounding design and sensitive circuit protection, ESD damage will be reduced, while electrical fast transient pulse group will cause equipment malfunction, which is very harmful. Measures such as isolation, shielding, filtering, decoupling, grounding, limiting amplitude and reasonable wiring can be taken to reduce stray capacitance, It has a good reference value in the design of industrial electronics

pay attention to the circuit protection in the field of new energy

LED light-emitting diodes have the advantages of high light conversion efficiency, low power consumption, long service life, maintenance free and so on. Therefore, as a new type of green light source products, LED lighting appliances are also the development trend of the lighting industry in the future

in many applications, the reliability and heat dissipation of LED lamps are the primary technical problems that led manufacturers must face. Generally, led reliability failure mainly comes from the failure of power driver. Overvoltage, overcurrent and load end open circuit fault of input power supply may lead to LED failure. When the input power supply produces too much pulse current impact, it is easy to cause damage to the LED driver chip, capacitor and other components; When a short-circuit fault occurs at the load end, the LED driver or the LED device itself will be damaged due to overcurrent or overheating

chip fuse provided by AEM, when the power end generates too much pulse current or current overload caused by short circuit, the module can start circuit protection in a very short time. At the same time, the product also has the advantages of low cold resistance and high resistance to current shock. In addition, in response to the trend of small and thin LED indoor lighting, compared with the traditional plug-in fuse, Qiao Jinliang, the chief expert of Sinopec Group, believes that the thickness and space show the competitive advantage of the product

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