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Jiangxi: there are three trends in industrial transfer, and some emerging fields are comparable to the coastal areas.

from picking up the missing parts and making small troubles to the investment scale of billions and billions; From low-end industry to medium and high-end industry; From a single enterprise to an industrial chain, group transfer... Adjacent to Jiangxi, the "Yangtze River Delta" and "Pearl River Delta", the two most active economic circles in China, the new trend of "large-scale, high-end and clustering" in industrial gradient transfer is quietly rising

starting from the coast and moving in depth, new opportunities for balanced regional development and high-quality development are being gestated

enterprise investment "scale": hundreds of millions of yuan, billions of yuan, billions of Yuan projects are pouring in

in Ji'an, central Jiangxi, an electronic information enterprise introduced from Dongguan, Guangdong has invested more than 2 billion yuan here to build 10 factories. "We are the main supplier of data connection lines for Huawei, apple, Samsung and other companies. Half of Apple data lines are produced by us." Peng Zhongchao, director of the cable business department of Boshuo Technology (Jiangxi) Co., Ltd., said that the company produces up to 450000 data cables every day

Ji'an has thus become a global data link manufacturing center. A data line makes a region, and behind it is an increasingly significant wave of industrial transfer across thousands of kilometers

Ji'an is far beyond the reach of the tide

in the past five years, Jiujiang City in northern Jiangxi has introduced 1493 projects with an investment of more than 20million yuan from the "two corners" area, with an introduction of 337billion yuan

in Nanchang, in 2017, the high tech Zone alone introduced 100 new signed projects with more than 100 million yuan. Especially in the field of mobile intelligent terminals, the top five domestic ODM ranked gathered in Nanchang, and eight complete machine projects were settled at the same time, rapidly forming a situation of "one in three in the world" in the domestic production base

this scene was almost unimaginable in the past

at one time, some multinational companies moved their factories to Southeast Asia, which also raised questions about the outflow of China's manufacturing industry: is there no room for industrial gradient transfer with China's size

undoubtedly, under the huge consumer market, the high-speed railway network extending in all directions, and the relatively complete industrial system, more and more inward moving enterprises "vote with their feet" are telling us the answer, and drawing a different picture one by one:

Foxconn, China's largest consumer electronics OEM enterprise, can be called a concentrated "sample". It moved out of Shenzhen, all the way west, and traveled to Chongqing, Chengdu, Wuhan, Zhengzhou, Taiyuan, Guizhou. Foxconn can be seen in almost every central and western province

2004, Huizhou, Guangdong; In 2006, Qingdao, Shandong Province; In 2015, Jiangxi Jiujiang... Ruizhi Precision Co., Ltd., the world's fourth largest compressor manufacturer, has a similar layout and plant construction track

looking at the central and western regions, the rising "valley of light", "valley of sound", "valley of power", "valley of rare gold" and "valley of cold" are like "magnetic fields" that continuously gather development elements for the central and western regions

"magnetic field" first attracts talents. In Hukou County, North Jiangxi Province, a high-tech materials Co., Ltd. gathered more than 30 doctors and more than 100 masters. Professional managers' Hong Kong and Taiwan accent, Guangdong accent and Zhejiang accent have long been commonplace for mainland Chinese

data show that from January to October 2017, Jiangxi introduced 519.283 billion yuan of project funds from outside the province, of which 65.63% were from the Yangtze River Delta, the Pearl River Delta and Fujian

the "high-end" of the industrial level: new economic momentum is in the ascendant

industrial transfer "the best enters, and the worst eliminates", a new industrial development layout and industrial transformation and upgrading are imminent...

Zixi County, Fuzhou City, a small mountainous county with a population of 130000 and a fiscal revenue of only 500million yuan, has rejected nearly 100 industrial pollution projects in recent years; Jiujiang Economic and Technological Development Zone proposes to strictly control projects, and "one vote veto" projects such as heavy pollution, heavy chemical industry and high energy consumption, no matter how large the investment is...

more and more enterprises find that traditional high pollution and high energy consumption projects have been "shut down" in the central and western regions. Without transformation or even slow transformation, they face a "dead end", on the contrary, high-tech enterprises are "like fish in water"

Yingtan City, which is committed to building a smart new city, has directly opened a "green channel" for IOT enterprises in recent years. In August last year, Inspur Software Group Co., Ltd. set up a subsidiary in Yingtan City, and completed all the approval work such as project acceptance, review, approval and licensing in only one hour. In 2017, more than 50 IOT industrial projects were introduced locally, with a total investment of more than 8 billion yuan

there are many cases of "red light" for low-end industries and "green light" for medium and high-end industries in Jiangxi

in 2017, the successful test flight of domestic C919 airliner in Shanghai attracted national attention. In Nanchang, hundreds of kilometers away, in order to seize the new aircraft for the development of the general aviation industry, it took only seven months to complete the construction of Yaohu airport, which undertook the test flight of C919 large aircraft, creating a new record for local engineering construction

with Yaohu airport as the core, more than 10 navigation industry projects, such as Huaxia Jiuzhou navigation, Honghu navigation, and Zhongfa Tianxin engine, rushed into China

"the 'high-end' feature is becoming more and more obvious, and the combination of science and technology and investment promotion is becoming closer and closer." Dailimei, deputy director of Jiujiang science and Technology Bureau, told that more and more "tall and high" projects that once dared not think were pouring in

biometric image processing system R & D and production, annual output of 50million LCD modules, annual output of 36million square meters of TFT polarizer products... "In the past, the basket was picked up, although the manufacturer considered a lot of vegetables in the design," said Chen Xiaohua, chief of the comprehensive section of Ji'an Municipal Commission of industry and information technology. Now it is "carrying the basket to choose vegetables", actively docking the required industrial transfer, and raising the industrial level

not only build and build airplanes, but also earn money by "big data". In recent years, Shangrao City in Northeast Jiangxi has introduced more than 60 big data and game enterprises from Guangdong, Shanghai and other places. "Greedy blue moon", which ranks second in page games nationwide, has moved its headquarters to Shangrao County, a national poverty-stricken county, with a sales revenue of up to 2billion yuan in 2017

the industrial level of "new" in Japan and "different" in the month is rapidly refreshing people's perception of the economy of the central and western regions. More and more "brain + computer" high growth technology companies have become the new "image spokesmen" of the central and western regions

the latest statistics show that last year, the GDP growth rate of Jiangxi Province was 8.9%, maintaining the national "first square", and the total economic output exceeded 2trillion yuan for the first time, of which the added value of high-tech industries accounted for 30.9% of the industrial added value above the designated size, showing a good trend of accelerating the growth of new drivers, new industries and new formats

gradient transfer "clustering": clusters move westward and "ten thousand horses gallop"

climb mountains and mountains and go upstream, and the industrial clusters in "two corners" areas move inward, providing "new support" for the balanced development of regions in China

Jiangxi has the silicon substrate LED technology, which has won the first prize of the National Technological Invention Award and "three pillars" with Japan and the United States. However, due to the lack of industrial supporting facilities, "world-class technology" has always been difficult to become a "world-class industry". With the accelerated transfer of coastal enterprises to the central and western regions, Jiangxi has made up for the shortcomings of the industrial chain through "precise investment promotion" and injected new impetus into the "secondary entrepreneurship" of the LED industry. Nanchang, Ji'an, Xinyu and other places are rapidly forming LED manufacturing centers, covering the whole industrial chain of upstream chips, midstream packaging, downstream applications and supporting facilities

the LED packaging capacity of MuLinSen Co., Ltd., headquartered in Zhongshan, Guangdong, ranks first in the domestic industry. In 2014, the company settled in Ji'an and plans to build the world's largest LED packaging plant, making up for Jiangxi's deficiencies in this industrial chain

some people say that industrial transfer is turning the "provincial industrial supporting map" of many enterprises into a "national supporting map". The textile industry in Qingshanhu District of Nanchang was once a sunset industry that suffered setbacks, but with the concentration of national production factors such as raw materials, design, processing and sales, it broke through and became a sunrise industry for global sales

coming to Qingshan Lake District can be described as "crossing three provinces in one step". Hundreds of flour accessories enterprises from all over the country and more than 20 world-famous clothing creative design enterprises gather here. There are hundreds of styles of a clothes tag alone

Wangchunhua, chairman of Huaxing Knitting Industry Co., Ltd., said that thanks to the improvement of the industrial chain, more than 80% of the company's raw materials are directly sourced locally, greatly saving logistics costs. In 2017, the company sold more than 50 million T-shirts and sold them to more than 50 countries

wuzhijun, President of Jiangxi Institute of economic development and reform, said that the promotion of industrial collaborative development in the East, central and western regions through investment attraction in the industrial chain will continue to be handled this year, which will help optimize the layout of China's economic development and form a new pattern of national economic linkage development

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