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Industrial wireless telemetry and remote control terminal dtd110 series

dtd110 series industrial wireless RTU adopts the most advanced electronic and wireless communication technology, which can provide a low-cost solution of high-performance, medium distance and reliable data transmission for many industries and applications. Dtd110 series wireless PLC has 4-way switching value transmission and 4-way analog value transmission, with a distance of 100 ~ 3000 meters. That is, point-to-point communication and point to multipoint communication can be realized. General electricians can debug and use it without writing programs and wiring. It is simple, convenient and cheap to implement telemetry and remote control for industrial sites

wireless measurement and control terminal is a remote measurement and control unit device, which integrates a/d function and i/o function, and is responsible for the monitoring and control of field signals and industrial equipment at the end of the experiment. Dtd110 series wireless RTU module is a wireless telemetry and remote control terminal equipment developed by Xi'an Datai electronic company after long-term exploration and combined with the feedback of users. The module is controlled by 16 bit low-power 16 bit single chip microcomputer and combined with jass 14 (9) 6 module of dtd465 series wireless data transmission curtain wall project to realize wireless telemetry and remote control. Provide 4-channel analog signal input and 4-channel analog signal output. Dynamic experiments or cyclic experiments such as crack growth and fatigue experiments are usually carried out by hydraulic servo system UTM testing machine; Or 4-way switch input and 4-way switch output. The analog quantity can be 0~5v voltage signal or 4~20ma current signal. It can collect all kinds of analog and switching signals output by the transmitter in the industrial field; It can output control signals and control relay output

◆ a variety of configuration and application schemes can meet the different needs of users

◆ 4 switch input channels, 4 switch OC gate output channels

◆ 4 analog input channels, 4 analog output channels

◆ can directly replace wired PLC equipment

◆ integrated design, compact structure

◆ a variety of product specifications are suitable for different transmission distances

◆ RF output power 10MW, 500MW 1000MW

◆ GFSK modulation, efficient forward error correction channel coding technology

◆ software radio technology ensures high anti-interference ability and low bit error rate

◆ ISM frequency band 433MHz, no need to apply for frequency points

◆ industrial standard design, can work in all kinds of harsh environments

◆ direct current 9~24v power supply, current less than 800mA

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