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The concept of industry 4.0 continues to strengthen. Experts say industrial control software has greater opportunities in the future

CNR Beijing, October 12. According to the voice of economics "transaction live", the 2015 World Internet industry conference will be opened in Qingdao on October 15. As the first international high-end summit focusing on the major proposition of Internet + industry 4.0 in China, this conference will focus on the theme of the road to industrial change in the Internet era, and will invite the initiators and practitioners of the strategies of American industrial interconnection, German industry 4.0 and made in China 2025 for the first time

the concept of industry 4.0 has continued to strengthen recently. Last week, concept stocks such as Shenyang Machine Tool Co., Ltd., Yingliu Co., Ltd. and Huanghe whirlwind Co., Ltd. continued to rise by the limit. In the last five trading days, the industrial 4.0 sector has increased by 14.30%, becoming the sector with the largest increase in the two cities. How big is the growth space of industry 4.0 theme? Huangcendong, strategic analyst of Guojin securities wealth center, made an analysis and interpretation

in the hot automotive industry, the concept of industry 4.0 has been constantly catalyzed recently. German Chancellor Angela Merkel is expected to visit China again in the near future, which has also attracted great attention from the market. In an interview with the media, German ambassador to China kermuxian said that Germany and China could carry out more cooperation in the high-tech field. In addition, the first "made in China 2025" key area technology roadmap was officially released, which covers 10 key areas such as high-end CNC machine tools and robots. If we sort out the industrial chain driven by industry 4.0, which field will benefit first and have more potential in the future

Huang cendong: in fact, the overall plan of made in China 2025 released this year also talked about ten industries. Among these ten industries, what we think is related to industry 4.0 hyped in the early market is still high-end CNC machine tools and robots. If this industrial chain is opened, it can be divided into three industries according to different functions: industrial robots, industrial control software, and equipment interconnection

from the perspective of industrial robots, if they are subdivided, they can be divided into robot body, reducer and CNC system. For industrial control software, if it is subdivided, it can be divided into MES and HMI. If the equipment interconnection is further subdivided, it can be roughly divided into industrial Ethernet and radio frequency identification. From the perspective of the whole industrial chain, if any industry has begun to benefit, I think China's import of robots is indeed relatively large. Since 2013, the annual growth rate of imports has increased by double digits year-on-year. From the perspective of global sales, imports account for about 20% of the global overall production. If we look at the future growth space of each industry, especially which domestic enterprises have more growth space, we prefer industrial control software, which may have greater opportunities in the future. From the perspective of its own competition, in fact, compared with foreign countries, the competitiveness of robot ontology does not seem to be particularly strong, but for software, China still has certain advantages. Therefore, industrial control software represented by MES has a lot of room for development and will have more potential in the future

Kunming Machine Tool announced on October 9 that the company decided to terminate the reorganization. Shenyang Machine Tool (Group) Co., Ltd., which has been the controlling shareholder for ten years, listed and transferred almost all the shares of Kunming Machine tool. Kunming Machine Tool's net profit attributable to listed shareholders in the first half of this year was -19.38 million yuan, down 49.71% from the same period last year. Shenyang machine tool, also a holding subsidiary of Shenyang Machinery Group, also suffered a large loss in the first half of this year to avoid interference with instruments; Loss of 266million. Industrial 4.0 concept stocks are becoming more and more popular, but the major shareholder of Kunming Machine tool is about to sell. The performance of Shenyang Machine Tool Co., Ltd., an authentic industrial 4.0 concept stock, is also disappointing. What's going on

Huang cendong: it depends on the link of industry 4.0 involved in the company. The machine tool is likely to be a robot ontology. As mentioned earlier, the competitive pressure in the field of robot ontology segmentation is still relatively large. From a technical point of view, it may not be particularly mature. Second, there are some differences in the concept. What is called industry 4.0? In fact, industry 4.0 emphasizes an integration, which includes horizontal integration and vertical synthesis, including an end-to-end integration, especially some intellectualization. It transforms from the original production to service, which is called industry 4.0. As a robot, whether it is now some semi-automatic stand-alone equipment, or fully automatic stand-alone equipment and production robots, it only belongs to industry 2.0. I think as an investor, it may also need to be carefully screened. If it is just a robot body or some of its parts, for these companies' own business, their growth rate or order growth, especially the domestic business growth rate in this area, may not show a particularly significant sharp growth in the future

market participants compare Germany and China. First, treating the bearing of spring testing machine as a homogeneous entity with this elastic modulus is that both countries are large manufacturers, but there is a big gap. Overall, how big is the gap between China and other high-end manufacturing fields, such as high-end CNC machine tools and robots

Huang cendong: in fact, judging from the current overall world competition pattern, most domestic robots are mainly imported. I think the reason why they are mainly imported is not the price, but the technology, especially the accuracy. For a factory, if it wants to open a mold for production, the accuracy requirements of the mold itself are very high. If there is a difference of a few millimeters, or a few tenths of a millimeter, it may delay the overall production order, which will affect the normal operation of the enterprise. The robot itself has high requirements and a high degree of sophistication for industrialization, so more orders are directed to foreign countries, especially Europe and the United States. Therefore, for domestic enterprises, one way is to learn technology. On the other hand, after learning, they can imitate or import substitution. However, these all take a certain time, and it is difficult to determine how much time

under the background of the downturn of traditional manufacturing industry, the disappearance of demographic dividends and the rise of factor costs, the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry is imperative. The concept of industry 4.0 is expected to become an investment theme that continues to attract attention in the A-share market. Today, it is also a leading market. Sany Heavy Industry is transforming and upgrading to industry 4.0 and other fields by building an information-based model in the industrial field. It is estimated that the company will be 28.028 billion yuan in 2015. The industry pioneer of industry 4.0 in Guangdong Province is expected to benefit from policy subsidies and technical support. If you want to invest in this concept theme, is it better to choose the leader of the sub industry or the enterprise supported by the state

Huang cendong: if you want to be an industrial ontology, that is, a robot ontology, or some manufacturing ontology, it may be better to choose some enterprises supported by the state. Because on the one hand, its cost is not as high as others, and its competitive advantage may gradually appear. If you choose to do some software, I think you should choose the leader of the sub industry. The reason why it will become the leader is that it must have a basic advantage

last week, some industrial 4.0 concept stocks rose by the limit. Among related topics, Hyde control will become a system integrator with independent and controllable core technologies and products in the future. Significant changes have taken place in the strategic positioning of Zhiyun Co., Ltd. through acquisition, three intelligent equipment sectors have been formed, including automotive engine assembly and testing automation, lithium battery automation equipment, and 3C industrial automation equipment. Extend the intelligent equipment product line from traditional automotive automation to new energy vehicles and 3C industries. Will these industrial 4.0 enterprises in transition have more investment space in the future, or will it be difficult to evaluate their performance before they come out

Huang cendong: in fact, what these two companies do in the face of new situations, new changes and new needs is completely different from the 4.0 enterprises previously mentioned by Sany Heavy Industry or machine tool listed companies. It completely does system synthesis. In terms of software, including the growth of the system itself or some accumulation of knowledge, it may be much better than the robot ontology. Therefore, the future growth space of these companies must be a little larger than those seen above. At the same time, from the perspective of current overall orders, their orders are relatively large. Therefore, listed companies that do system integration may perform better in the future, so I prefer to choose such companies

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