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Jiangsu's industrial transformation aims at the future. The output value of industrial robots will exceed 100 billion in three years.

How can the manufacturing industry extend to the high-end and change to the intelligent direction

According to the 21st Century Business Herald in the interview, the Department of industry and information technology of Jiangsu Province recently issued the three-year action plan for industrial development () (hereinafter referred to as the action plan), trying to make the output value of the robot industry in the province reach 100billion yuan through three years of efforts

this is the first special plan for the robot industry released at the provincial level

fan Peipei, associate researcher of Jiangsu Academy of Social Sciences, said that the accumulation of big data, the innovation of theoretical algorithms, the improvement of computing power and the evolution of network facilities are accelerating the penetration and integration with various fields of economy and society, and robots are the concentrated embodiment of these "achievements of human intelligence", which will strengthen the construction of China's material system, promote technological progress, promote industrial upgrading and help economic transformation

the Department of industry and information technology of Jiangsu Province pointed out in the action plan that the development of machinery and personnel is related to whether the manufacturing industry can reach the middle and high end of the industry

the real economy has contributed more than 80% of the total economic output of Jiangsu Province, and the industrial scale and profits of the above designated industrial manufacturing industry have been leading in the country for many consecutive years. The development of robot industry can be used as a new driving force for industrial development, which in turn provides advanced equipment support for the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry and intelligent development

build a future industry with a scale of 100 billion

the so-called robot industry refers to industrial robots, service robots and special robots. According to the above action plan, the three types of robots should adhere to the coordinated development and the promotion of the whole machine and parts system

the goal of Jiangsu Province is that by 2020, the output value of the robot industry in the province will exceed 100billion yuan, with an annual increase of more than 35%, and the annual output of independent brand industrial robots will reach 10000 units, forming a number of key leading robot enterprises, well-known brands and characteristic industrial bases

by 20 years, we should also pay attention to rust prevention and oxidation resistance. For 20 years, Jiangsu should basically build a robot industry system with distinctive industrial characteristics, enterprise agglomeration and development, complete supporting chains, and complete public services. The technological innovation ability and international competitiveness are significantly enhanced, the product performance and quality reach the advanced level of similar international products, and major breakthroughs have been made in key parts to basically meet the market demand

according to the 21st Century Business Herald, previously, several districts and cities in Jiangsu Province, especially the economically developed cities in southern Jiangsu, have successively put forward their own robot industry development plans. From the perspective of their respective plans, the weighted average growth rate and scale superposition are relatively consistent with the goals proposed in this special plan of the province

starting from the provincial level of Jiangsu, we try to improve the ability of independent innovation through industrial development. According to the action plan, the province will build a number of national and provincial robot R & D innovation platforms and testing public service platforms, and the performance, accuracy and reliability of precision reducers, servo motors, drivers and controllers for robots will reach the level of similar international products

"from the perspective of China's industrialization development level, the robot market has great potential. For example, the technological transformation of industrial enterprises, some industrial processes, as well as all kinds of dangerous labor environments, high labor intensity working conditions and high cleanliness working conditions can be completed by robots to improve work efficiency." Jiangsu shoukong Manufacturing Technology Co., Ltd. told the 21st Century Business Herald

the action plan also focuses on the need to develop new things. To promote the development of the robot industry, products need to be promoted and applied on a larger scale. A number of robot promotion and application centers should be established to implement a number of robot demonstration and application projects in key industries such as automobile and electronics and special fields such as security

among them, the density of robots in key industries (the number of robots per 10000 employees) has reached more than 200, and service robots have been applied in batches in the fields of domestic service, elderly care and disability assistance, medical rehabilitation, education and entertainment

Zhenjiang City has proposed to organize 100 "machine replacement" projects for testing personnel in automobile manufacturing, engineering machinery, green chemical industry, marine engineering, metallurgical building materials, food processing, modern logistics and other industries, promote industrial robots and complete sets of intelligent production lines, and build about 20 digital factories and smart workshops

actively cultivate leading enterprises

the development of robot industry is essentially one of the manifestations of industrial intelligence

according to the analysis of the 21st century economic report by the Management Committee of an Intelligent Manufacturing Park (cluster) in Jiangsu, at present, the clustering of the robot industry has a certain foundation, but a weak link that cannot be ignored is that the application of robot products is relatively "fragmented". Although there are many application fields, it still takes time to form a benchmark leading enterprise

the action plan proposes that we should actively guide the specialization, matching and agglomeration development of small and medium-sized enterprises, form an industrial system in which large and medium-sized enterprises complement each other in division of labor and the coordinated development of industrial chains, gradually build a number of robot industry bases with prominent brand image and significant agglomeration development effect, constantly improve the technological innovation and market promotion service system of the robot industry, and cultivate and build a number of complementary advantages Robot industry clusters with their own characteristics

all regions pay more attention to improving the industrial support system, including formulating industrial standard system and robot evaluation standard system higher than the national standard, and actively strive for national robot testing and evaluation institutions. On this basis, we will promote the birth of "leading" robot enterprises

"with a certain industrial foundation and demonstration application base, and a complete service system, the market will actively choose itself." A person from Daquan company analyzed the 21st century economic report. According to the action plan, we should encourage more robot enterprises to master core technologies through policy guidance, reflect international competitiveness, and create a number of leading enterprises or "unicorn" enterprises

at the national level, there are various preferential policies and special support funds to support the development of industrial robots and intelligent manufacturing industry, such as special funds for the development of high-end CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment, intelligent manufacturing equipment industry and so on. In addition, there are relevant preferential policies in the fields of the first set of major technical equipment, R & D cost plus deduction, value-added tax deduction, accelerated depreciation of fixed assets, import of key parts and raw materials of major technical equipment, etc

on the basis of national policies, the action plan further refined Jiangsu provincial policies. Including striving for more support to form a demonstration effect; Support the technological innovation and platform construction of the robot industry through the special funds for the transformation and upgrading of provincial industry and information industry and the guidance funds for strategic emerging industries

(source: 21st Century Business Herald)

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