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China's industrial wireless network technology standard was officially adopted by Europe

on the 25th, it was learned from the Shenyang Institute of automation of the Chinese Academy of Sciences that the industrial wireless network WIA-PA technology standard for process automation led by the Institute was officially adopted as a European standard after a joint vote by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) and the European Electrotechnical Standardization Committee (CENELEC)

wia-pa can become a European standard, break the technical barriers in Europe, and enable Chinese industrial wireless products to obtain the access certificate to enter the European market of industrial wireless network through the method of high force measurement value of gas spring fatigue testing machine. The industry believes that it reduces the production cost of Chinese enterprises, shortens the time of product development and certification, and makes Chinese industrial wireless products stand on the same starting line with foreign brands. Liang Wei, the project leader and researcher of Shenyang Institute of automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences, said. The investigation results show that due to the fatigue failure of locomotive shafts under cyclic load, the technical standards have become the fundamental rules of the game to deal with technical barriers to trade. Mastering the technical standards means mastering the international market. The European industrial automation market is highly competitive, with private brands piling up, and the access conditions for industrial wireless products are numerous and demanding. At the same time, Europe is also developing other restrictive standards on the coexistence of industrial wireless networks. Liang Wei said that the impact on local industries is not what European governments are happy to see, and Chinese brands that are not strong enough will still face many challenges if they want to gain a foothold in this high-end market

it is reported that the practical significance of Siemens and ABB discussing this topic is self-evident. Many well-known automation companies, such as e+h, are currently developing industrial wireless network technologies and standards and actively expanding the market. Without its own technology and standards, winning only by price will make it more and more difficult for Chinese products to enter the European market. Liang Wei said that technical barriers to trade usually refers to that importing countries adopt mandatory and non mandatory technical standards, regulations and other technical access requirements to restrict other countries' products from entering their markets. With the continuous strengthening of China's independent technology and independent brands, foreign technical barriers to trade will become more and more stringent

it is reported that the European Electrotechnical Standardization Committee was established in the 1950s, and its members include 31 countries in Europe, aiming to specify unified standards that meet both market requirements and European regulations

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