The hottest industries jointly promote low-carbon

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The industry jointly promotes the low-carbon environmental protection work of the printing industry.

many ink enterprises with an annual output of less than 300 tons have been shut down.

according to the report of the 21st century, the implementation of the policy of eliminating backward production capacity in the ink industry is increasing, and the work of eliminating backward production capacity in economically developed regions has been carried out one after another. Following the large-scale shutdown of small ink factories with an annual output of less than 300 tons in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, recently, Shunde District, Foshan City, Eastern Province, will also launch a heavy attack to comprehensively check the basic situation of ink production enterprises and eliminate and close ink enterprises with an annual output of less than 300 tons. Zhejiang also focused on this work

according to the Guiding Catalogue for industrial structure adjustment (2011 Edition) issued by the national development and Reform Commission, the total ink production units (except those using high-tech and pollution-free) with a capacity of less than 300 tons/year and the production of solvent-based inks containing benzene are included in the elimination projects

insiders believe that the concept of environmental protection and green is becoming the consensus of the ink industry, and the industry will develop in the direction of non-toxic and pollution-free. The market prospect of water-based ink and environmental friendly offset printing ink is promising. In 2012, the sales of the top 20 enterprises accounted for 65%. The elimination of small ink enterprises will further meet the requirements of GB, ASTM, DIN, JIS and other specifications, and further improve the industrial concentration. This part of production capacity accounts for about 20% of the whole industry

Shenzhen India Association joined the low carbon technology innovation alliance

according to China quality report, recently, the founding meeting of Shenzhen low carbon technology innovation alliance was held with the support and guidance of Shenzhen market supervision administration, Shenzhen Longgang District government and relevant institutions. At present, the alliance has attracted 52 enterprises and institutions such as Shenzhen printing industry association and Shenzhen Dashi intelligent Co., Ltd. as member units

according to the introduction, the alliance will focus on gathering resources from low-carbon technology enterprises, research institutions, industry organizations, standards institutions, testing institutions and certification institutions, disseminating low-carbon ideas, creating an organic integration of low-carbon strategy and standardization, solving major common problems and key technical problems faced by the low-carbon field, and building a low-carbon technology innovation system that is market-oriented, technologically leading, demand-oriented and has significant advantages

in the next step, the alliance will work on projects such as research and demonstration of key technologies for product carbon footprint evaluation, construction of low-carbon evaluation system for energy-saving equipment, and construction of carbon information platform for China's plastic extruder industry, which is moving towards a healthy direction. Adjust the screw height

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