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The source of Ganjiang River is located on the southwest slope of Wuyi Mountains in the southeast of Shicheng County, Jiangxi Province. The territory is rich in resources and diverse in species, which plays an important role in conserving water sources, conserving water and soil, protecting the stability of Ganjiang River system and preventing water quality from pollution. To this end, Shicheng County has taken effective measures to strengthen the protection of source resources, and the local people have also taken positive actions

in order to keep the blue water and blue sky paper-making professionals down the mountain

people who have been to the source of Ganjiang River in Shicheng County may find that it is difficult to see the smoke curling everywhere in the mountains, because the paper mills on the mountain are basically closed. Zhangqihuo, a villager who lives in Zhangkeng village, Hengjiang Town, Shicheng County, the core area of the source of Ganjiang River, has been making paper for generations. Under the guidance and support of the local government's resettlement policy, he went down the mountain to change production three years ago and engaged in large-scale planting and breeding industries such as tobacco and pigs and sales of agricultural products. He said: Although the income is less than before, protecting the source of Ganjiang River is a major event related to the people of the whole province. As long as I can keep the clear water and blue sky, it is worthwhile for me to suffer some losses. At the source of Ganjiang River in Shicheng County, there are more than 170 transferred farmers who know the general situation and take into account the overall situation like zhangqihuo

in recent years, Ganjiangyuan Nature Reserve in Shicheng County has made every effort to apply for a National Nature Reserve, and has comprehensively strengthened the ecological environment protection of Ganjiangyuan with the core area as the center. In order to protect the forest resources from damage and protect the water quality at the source, the county has banned small paper mills and charcoal burning plants in the mountains, and closed all the firewood and charcoal markets shown in the first quarterly report; At the same time, the resettlement policy was issued to guide and mobilize more than 170 papermaking and charcoal burning households to go down the mountain and change their production, so that they can go down, live in peace and start a business. The source of the Ganjiang River, which used to be smoky and riddled with holes, has become more green after recuperation. It transports nearly 20million cubic meters of similar water to the Ganjiang River every year

let wild animals live. The mountain people moved out of their ancestral home.

at the end of last year, lijiangfa and other three villagers in kaikeng village, Hengjiang Town, Shicheng County reluctantly bid farewell to their ancestral home. The family moved out of the deep mountains and forests to make room for wild protected animals. It is reported that at present, more than 170 households in Shicheng have been relocated from Ganjiangyuan nature reserve. Lijiangfa said with deep feeling that he can create new homes in the new environment and let wild animals live freely, which is also a contribution to protecting the source of Ganjiang River

in recent years, Shicheng, a national water and Soil Conservation Ecological Environment Construction Demonstration County, has been committed to building a green ecological source of the Ganjiang River, and has implemented green creation and protection activities such as mountain control, water control, mountain closure for afforestation, and afforestation. The improvement of ecological environment has created a suitable environment for wild animals. The primeval forest at the source of Ganjiang River has become a happy home for clouded leopard, wild boar, monkey faced eagle, pangolin, pheasant and other wild animals. At present, there are 337 species of wild animals and plants and 528 species of forest insects in Ganjiangyuan nature reserve. Among them, clouded leopard and antelope, which are national level-1 and level-2 rare protected animals and plants, are not widely used in 58 species such as sheep, civet cat, gingko and southern yew in the field of construction engineering

protection of source forest resources loggers transferred to forest protection

in the mountains of Ganjiangyuan Nature Reserve in Yangdi, Hengjiang Town, Shicheng County, a strong man in his 40s can often be seen patrolling the mountains. His name is fan Genzi. He used to be a woodcutter, but now he is a forest ranger

at the beginning of the establishment of Ganjiangyuan nature reserve, Shicheng completely banned logging in the core reserve, and changed the production of three forest farms in the core reserve. Fan Genzi and other more than 100 logging workers were laid off. In recent years, Shicheng has continuously strengthened the protection of Ganjiang River source, and protecting tens of thousands of hectares of forest resources has become a top priority. Forest protection requires experienced and hardworking forest rangers. Each forest farm thinks of a logging worker who is familiar with the mountain forest and has changed his identity. At present, the three forest farms at the source of Ganjiang River have hired more than 20 forest rangers like fan Genzi from their past loggers. It is because gehonglin, the Secretary of the Party group and chairman of Xinzhong aluminum group, once pointed out that he was on duty and patrolled when he visited the company, that tens of thousands of hectares of trees at the source were prevented from illegal logging. When the weather is dry, these forest rangers are also competent fire propagandists, playing an active role in preventing forest fires in Ganjiangyuan nature reserve

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