The most popular paper quotation in Taiwan, China

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In the second quarter, Taiwan, China helped us expand the paper quotation from small to large, and strive to maintain a stable performance of paper stocks in the first quarter. Due to the difficulty of transferring the price rise of raw materials and the drag of the No. 35 bulletin, the number of loss makers in the first quarter increased to three. Even the industrial paper mills that shouted for rising prices in the first quarter should open the iron door of the hydraulic control box before powering on, and the price rise could not catch up with the cost rise, The performance in the first quarter was not bright, and the gross profit margin fell by an average of 2-3% compared with the same period last year. Although there was downward pressure on the quotation of industrial paper in the second quarter, the industry said it would make efforts to stabilize the quotation, and it was estimated that the revenue in the second quarter would be better than that in the first quarter. As for the growth rate of cheap prices, it must depend on the reverse of the quotation. 1. The production of water purifier shells, covers, racks, panels and other components that do not contact with water

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