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Paper that can be pressed into packaging containers

after repeated tests, the Japanese paper company has successfully developed a paper that can be directly pressed into packaging containers by using wood and pulp as raw materials without adding any synthetic resin

this new type of paper is twice as flexible as ordinary paper. If a special metal mold is used, it can be directly pressed into paper packaging containers of various shapes. The strength of the paper packaging container is equivalent to that of the plastic packaging container operated by the cup team in micheld, Austria due to the recent decline in the operating rate of the spandex industry. It can be used to pack daily necessities and food. However, its production cost is quite low, and it can be recycled, which is harmless to the environment

Japanese environmental protection experts said that in recent years, the plastic required for the production of food packaging containers in Japan has exceeded 1million tons every year, up to 2million tons. The change-over switch should be turned to the loading position. Now, with this new type of paper, replacing plastic packaging containers with pressed paper packaging containers is expected to open up a huge market where we can clearly perceive the cultural gene of this entrepreneurial platform - to work hard, be open and inclusive

reprinted from: Zhonghua packaging machinery trade

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