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With the implementation of China's "natural forest protection project" and the increasing market demand for green tableware and environment-friendly tableware, paper product manufacturers will usher in a broad market space. According to the market demand analysis, the following paper product projects are worth the development and investment of enterprises:

I. paper pencils

the Chinese market needs about 6billion pencils every year. If all pencils are made of basswood wood, more than 200000 cubic meters of wood will be used every year, which is equivalent to destroying more than 100000 mu of forest, and the value of consumables reaches more than 300million yuan. The use of paper as a pen holder can offset 6 cubic meters of basswood wood per ton. It is conceivable that the market potential of developing this kind of convenient and applicable paper pencil, which can replace wood, can be developed

II. Paper packaging filler

for a long time, the packaging of fragile products is mostly made of styrene porous plastic, which is made into small ball flocs and scattered or lined in the packaging box to slow down the impact of external forces. However, the synthesis of styrene not only consumes petroleum raw materials, but also destroys the earth's ozone layer in the production process. At the same time, this packaging filler cannot be degraded. The packaging foam filler made of waste paper and starch avoids these problems. It is not only cheap, but also has less pollution

III. paper fast food box

paper lunch box is a common environmental protection product in people's daily work and life. According to the statistics of relevant departments, the annual consumption of various plastic film products in China is more than 8million tons, and the annual growth rate is still increasing by 13%. The annual consumption of disposable water cups in China is more than 150billion, the annual consumption of disposable fast food lunch boxes is more than 10billion, and only the railway department consumes more than 8million. Therefore, the success of using degradable paper products to replace secondary non degradable products has injected great impetus into material researchers, and the market potential is huge

IV. paper agricultural film

paper agricultural film is a translucent paper synthesized from biopolymer and cellulose, which can be waterproof, oil-proof, heat-resistant and transparent. Its raw materials are easy to obtain. It can use straw pulp, wood pulp, old paper edge, etc. after being discarded, it can automatically degrade in the soil, improve the soil structure, eliminate pests, and reuse paper after recycling. At present, there is no product with good quality and low price in the domestic market that can replace plastic film. However, paper agricultural film has low production cost, large or small production scale, and is widely used

v. paper furniture

after chemical treatment, the wood fiber is made into a kind of hard and solid paper, which can be used to make furniture. Its advantage is that it is not afraid of water and hot. It is coated with protective paint on the surface of furniture, which has the functions of mold and moth proof. E. according to the scientific understanding of the theoretical principle and practical experience of the method. It is reported that the load of the paper chair is as high as 600 kg, and other paper furniture can also withstand 90 kg of weight and 100000 times of impact. The color of paper furniture can be adjusted at will. It also has the texture of wood and textiles. The local government attaches importance to the development of lithium industry, which gives people a comfortable and comfortable feeling. Although the hardness of paper furniture is lower than that of solid wood furniture, it is lighter and more safe. Its price is much cheaper than that of (1) gray cast iron. It is a sustainable environmental protection product

in addition to the above paper products, insiders believe that the market potential of special paper is also very huge. For example, substitute cloth paper is made of synthetic paper by adding some wet strength agent into fiber raw materials. It can be used to process disposable clothes, bed sheets and other articles, which is both sanitary and convenient. When making paper, fire-resistant mineral fibers and inorganic substances are added to make it a fire-resistant paper that is not afraid of fire. It can be used to pack some inflammables. In a word, the paper industry will provide a broad market space for enterprises

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