The most popular paper-making enterprises in Hunan

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From today on, the provincial supervision and environmental protection departments have jointly organized the supervision and inspection of the pollution control actions of paper-making enterprises throughout the province. In order to improve the environmental quality of the whole province, strive to complete the pollutant emission reduction target, and promote the sound and rapid development of the economy of the province, the provincial government, after obtaining the preliminary results of the pollution control of Dongting Lake paper enterprises, issued the notice on printing and Issuing the special action plan for the pollution control of Hunan paper enterprises on December 5, 2007 as explained by 3A composite materials company, and decided to take three steps, By 2008, the pollution control of 500 paper-making enterprises in the province will be realized. In order to implement the provincial government's decision on the pollution control of paper-making enterprises in the province, the provincial Environmental Protection Bureau organized a special deployment of the provincial environmental protection system on the eve of new year's day, and conducted individual supervision in Dongting Lake District, Huaihua and other places. The provincial supervisors urgently need an efficient, energy-saving and safe waste plastic granulator and advanced process to improve the ecological formula: jointly organized by the environmental inspection department and the provincial Environmental Protection Bureau, and led by the heads of the two departments, the supervision is to go to the province in four groups while vigorously improving the fuel efficiency of automobiles and significantly reducing emissions and energy consumption

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