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Tianjin paper products and other four categories of products will no longer enjoy the GSP treatment

it is reported that there is no news. Since May 1, 2004, the EU has begun to adjust the GSP policy, and some Chinese products will no longer enjoy the GSP treatment. Tianjin enterprises mainly involve mechanical and electrical products, plastic products, medical devices and paper products, of which the export volume of mechanical and electrical products is the largest. Relevant departments have taken measures to help enterprises export earlier, faster and more before May 1, so as to offset the impact of the EU's cancellation of the "GSP" on the second product imported from China. A relevant person from the Municipal Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation Commission said that after the abolition of the preferential tariff, the tariff will increase, the cost of export products will increase, and the profits will be affected. However, the relevant products of some other beneficiary countries will also be withdrawn at the same time. This is both a challenge and an opportunity for the vertical axis of Tianjin enterprises, which is an external stress industry. It will not have a great impact on the export of Tianjin enterprises

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