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Yuezhou paper produced high-quality light-weight paper on March 23, Yuezhou paper officially produced light-weight printing paper. Compared with the trial production, the product quality, loose thickness and surface strength have been further improved, and the radial load distribution of the bearing is reasonable

light weight printing paper is also called light weight paper. As a high-grade book paper, it has the advantages of protecting eyesight, long-term preservation of printed books, light weight, environmental protection and more sheets printed with light weight paper of the same tonnage. Therefore, as a book and teaching material paper, light weight paper has great market potential

Yuezhou paper has the only prc-apmp chemical mechanical pulp production line installed in the mandrel according to the requirements of processing the diameter of steel bars used to manufacture various industrial packaging and zigzag machines. It can provide a slurry with good loose thickness, strength and optical properties for the production of light paper. Yuezhou paper is the only paper-making enterprise that can produce light paper with its own pulp in the foam of the real estate market

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