The most popular paper with photocatalyst function

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Paper with photocatalyst function

aying company of Japan has developed a paper with photocatalysis function and put it on the market as packaging paper, wallpaper and other products

this new type of paper is made of fixed titanium oxide into 15%-20% pulp fiber. When the ammonia concentration is 5/10000, the ammonia can be completely decomposed in 24 hours. By applying the same amount of paper repeatedly, the theme forum of "2014 (6th) International Conference on new chemical materials" will be held in the same period of the exhibition in 24 hours. It can also decompose formaldehyde, Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli

in the past, photocatalysts were generally used for ceramics, coatings and other DuPont performance materials. Dupo is a part of the latest trend element nt of new materials introduced by Dupo, a global science and engineering company, from more than 20 countries and many domestic cities. After being used in this kind of Japanese paper, it also has the property of adsorbing the floating matter in the air to the interior. Compared with ceramics and coatings that react with organic matters adsorbed on the surface, it can obtain higher decomposition capacity and better effect

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