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Recently, the Beijing Municipal Bureau of industry and Commerce entrusted the national paper quality supervision and inspection center and the Beijing physical and chemical analysis and testing center to monitor the quality of paper products sold on the market. The paper products monitored this time include toilet paper, sanitary napkins (including sanitary pads), tissue paper (including wipes), baby diapers (including diapers/pads) and paper cups

the results showed that the stiffness of many batches of paper cups was unqualified, and the decolorization test items were unqualified. E.g. nominal TORLON reg; Pai has both the outstanding performance of thermosetting polyimide and the advantages of melting processing of thermoplastic plastics. A batch of 230ml 50 pieces of Jieneng disposable paper cups (April 16, 2011) produced by Beijing Shiji Yinjie industry and Trade Co., Ltd. were unqualified in the cup body stiffness project; A nominal batch of 50 250ml xinjiehua paper cups (250ml) produced by Tianjin Jiehua paper products Co., Ltd. (december15,2011), and the decolorization test (water and ethanol) items were unqualified; A batch of 50 Huiyi cold and hot paper cups with 200ml/170g base paper produced by Hunan Vicki paper and plastic packaging Co., Ltd. and authorized by Wal Mart (China) Investment Co., Ltd. (April, 2012, the transaction was poor 17), and the cup body stiffness and decolorization test were unqualified. It is reported that the stiffness of the cup body is an important part of the paper cup. Because it is collectively referred to as the performance index of "composite thermal insulation material", the paper cup with unqualified stiffness will be seriously deformed when it is put into water or drink, or even can not be put into use

the main problem of wet wipes is that the total bacterial count is unqualified. According to the introduction of the industrial and commercial department, wet wipes can be divided into two categories according to their performance: wet wipes and sanitary wet wipes. Wipes are disinfected by themselves, but can not disinfect other items. They are mainly used for wiping and cleaning. Some products contain skin care ingredients, which can maintain the skin; Sanitary wipes are not only disinfected, but also have the effect of killing or inhibiting bacteria. Generally, the effective ingredients of bactericidal or bacteriostatic agents will be indicated on the package. During the sampling inspection, it was found that the 200mm 150mm 10 Piece rose edge fragrance free cleansing wipes (March 29, 2012) produced by Cangzhou Juyuan sanitary products Co., Ltd. were unqualified in terms of the total number of fungal colonies; The nominal 10 pieces of youjia'er clean skin care soft wipes (2012/05/10) produced by Siping Jiaer daily necessities Co., Ltd. are unqualified in terms of total bacterial colonies and total fungal colonies; The 200mm 130mm 10 pieces of jiujiaxing sanitary wipes with a nominal distributor of Beijing Jiuxing industry and Trade Co., Ltd. and a manufacturer of Beijing jiujiaxing sanitary products Co., Ltd. (2011/07/23) showed strong anti cyclical sanitary wipes. The items of total bacterial colonies and total fungal colonies were unqualified

in addition, the tensile index and softness of some tissue papers and toilet papers were unqualified. For example, the nominal 168mm 200mm/draw (2 layers) 200 draw/pack pure dotted paper facial napkin produced by Guangxi Guitang (Group) Co., Ltd. (July 20, 2011), the brightness item is unqualified; The 210mm 208mm 10 draw (2 layers) 10 pack Nippon Mini handkerchief paper () produced by Nippon (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. of nominal Prince paper is unqualified in terms of softness; The 105mm 115mm 3-layer Laihe household paper (2012/05/27) produced by Songyuan Laihe Paper Co., Ltd. is unqualified in terms of tensile index, softness, identification (product name is incorrectly marked) and total bacterial count

the Beijing Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce said that it would deal with the distributors selling unqualified goods in this monitoring in accordance with relevant laws and regulations. We will continue to strengthen commodity quality supervision in the circulation field, give full play to the role of commodity quality monitoring in the circulation field and the compulsory withdrawal mechanism of unqualified commodities, and purify the consumption environment in the capital market

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