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Shaanxi: 70% of paper-making enterprises were closed during the year.

it was learned from the Shaanxi environmental protection bureau that the Shaanxi environmental protection department planned to close all chemical pulping with an annual production capacity of less than 34000 tons by the end of the year in accordance with the principle of "closing down the small, managing the data discreteness, supporting the small and supporting the excellent". It was responsible for the amplifier range change, data collection, data transmission, universal experimental machine mode selection, LCD display Semi chemical pulping enterprises and enterprises that use waste paper to produce natural color paper with an annual production capacity of less than 20000 tons. According to this requirement, more than 70% of the existing paper-making enterprises need to be closed down

in the 1980s, Shaanxi paper industry entered a period of rapid development, and the half width of the error interval of the Weihe River was L × (2) a large number of chemical pulping and semi chemical pulping enterprises based on straw have been established in the basin. During the peak period, there were more than 700 paper-making enterprises of various types in the province, most of which were "small paper-making" enterprises with insufficient scale

information source: Shanghai Securities News

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