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Paper making, printing and packaging: significant human barriers, huge customer stickiness

exquisite design and excellent production, color boxes benefit from high-end commodities. Large volume color boxes refer to folding cartons and color fine corrugated boxes made of cardboard and fine corrugated cardboard, which have many characteristics such as exquisite design, excellent production, environmental protection and durability. According to the survey data of smitherspira, paper packaging ranks first in the global packaging industry with a demand of US $2010 billion. It is expected that this figure will increase to US $250billion by 2016. Among them, cosmetics, tobacco, health care products and other high-end commodities are more and more inclined to adopt innovative color box packaging design, so as to highlight the difference in sales through packaging. Therefore, with the increasing demand for exquisite color packaging in the market, the market space of the color box packaging industry is expanding and its importance is also increasing. At present, the domestic color box industry has not been fully developed. The representative enterprises engaged in color box packaging include unlisted Yutong group, Oct (Asia) Holding Co., Ltd. (hk3366) and Hongxing printing group (hk0450)

the raw materials for making color boxes come from a wide range of sources. The industry technology is becoming more and more mature. The main raw materials for color box packaging include four categories: face paper (white board paper and white cardboard), corrugated paper, ink and adhesive. The raw materials are not different from other paper packaging, and the sources are relatively wide, which does not constitute an obvious industry threshold. In order to improve the utilization level and service level in terms of technology, since the late 1990s, computer-aided design and aided manufacturing (CAD CAM) have been widely used in the design and production of color boxes. The production process mainly includes prepress design and production, printing plate printing, glazing, film stamping, die cutting, folding and pasting boxes. With the popularization of mechanization and the gradual penetration of computer technology in recent years, the process flow of color box packaging has been relatively mature and perfect, and the whole industry is also continuously improving towards high automation, low scrap rate, process integration and environmental protection

downstream customers have high personalized requirements. The high-end customization of color box packaging provided by the three major industries determines that their downstream customers are mainly cosmetics and consumer TVs, which are convenient for maintenance and replacement; Consumer goods industry, such as medicine and health care. Among them, color box packaging provides a good opportunity for cosmetic manufacturers to show their high-quality and differentiated corporate image, so it is favored by more and more cosmetic leaders; With the upgrading speed of electronic products, consumer electronic products continue to push through the old and bring forth the new, and the service cycle is also gradually shortened, which has led to the rapid growth of the demand for color box packaging; In addition, with the improvement of domestic living standards and the increased emphasis on health, the pharmaceutical and health care products industry will also usher in greater development space, which also provides a strong demand support for pharmaceutical color box packaging

there are significant labor barriers in the industry and the stickiness of customer orders is huge. As the color box packaging industry has the characteristics of high personalized requirements of customers and high requirements on delivery time, supporting services and quality details of color box suppliers, it still needs to rely on a large number of manual operations in die-cutting, bonding, packaging and other processes, and the domestic medium and high-end packaging talents are extremely scarce, All these make people in the color box packaging industry use a stripping knife to peel off the joint between the sole and upper, highlighting the barrier of force. At the same time, high-end customers have strong profitability. Compared with the price of the packaging itself, they pay more attention to the detail quality, supporting services and the sustainability of long-term cooperation of the color box suppliers, and usually do not change suppliers frequently. In other words, the high-end customers in the color box packaging market have strong customer stickiness. It can be seen that mastering advanced printing technology, especially being able to efficiently manage many human resources, so as to win the long-term favor of more high-end customers, is the core competitiveness of color box packaging enterprises

the risk indicates that the color box packaging industry is highly dependent on labor, and the lack of human management ability may have a significant impact on the overall operation of the company; The orders of color box packaging enterprises are greatly affected by the product shipments of downstream customers. Once the downstream shipment speed is lower than expected, it will affect the stability of enterprise profits. Baumert said: "designers give us the design scheme

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