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Appreciating the cases of door and window villas, Luzhou bailima is committed to building high-end door and window benchmarks in the industry

▲ application of bailima in Shima Hefu, Luzhou

window is born on the building, is the eye of the building, and endows the building with spirit. The freedom of heart is the freedom of life given by architectural space. Bailima high-end doors and windows bring a safe and comfortable life experience to villa owners. The scenic area has beautiful environment, good ecology and beautiful scenery

the whole series of products of bailima are applied in Shima Hefu, Luzhou. The overall design of the project has been carefully planned and constructed to perfectly integrate nature and architecture. The large-scale application of high-end doors and windows of Blima enhances the permeability and brightness of home space, and endows architectural design with infinite vitality. The details show taste, and the appearance shows high-end and atmosphere

the person in charge of Luzhou bailima provided a comprehensive customized solution for high-end doors and windows of the whole house according to the home design and functions of the villa owners, and truly created products that truly conformed to the concept of high-quality life from the perspective of customers

bailima high-end doors and windows are designed according to European standards. They are made of high-quality profiles, hardware accessories imported from Germany, super strength profiles and fine three-dimensional structure design, making the products firm and strong. Integrating green environmental protection with luxury and elegance, it has high energy conservation, strong sound insulation, exquisite craftsmanship and excellent sealing performance

with the development of economy, people's living standards are improving day by day. More and more people yearn for high-quality home life, and also pursue perfection in life aesthetics and emotional value. Here, stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy a quiet and comfortable life

the color of the soft decoration of the project is close to nature. Wood pavilions, wood colored carvings, and classical European chandeliers are visually full of warmth. The gentle color matching choices make the home truly a place to relax and cultivate. At leisure, lean against the window to enjoy the beautiful scenery in the distance, feel the beauty of nature, and listen to birds singing

owners of Luzhou villas prefer bailima doors and windows, pursue high-quality life, and be sure that the brand is strong! Bailima is committed to providing thousands of villa owners with customized solutions for high-end doors and windows of the whole house, creating an ideal and extremely comfortable home life experience for you

owner's evaluation:

I recognize bailima brand, good brand, good quality! I am very satisfied with the customized scheme of high-end whole house doors and windows designed by Luzhou bailima exclusive store. From the whole process of measurement, design, installation and maintenance, every bailima person is very professional, attentive and dedicated

the sound insulation performance of bailima doors and windows is very good, and the products are firm and solid, making my home safer! I have introduced three villa owners to choose bailima doors and windows. Our excellent quality and high-quality service are worthy of our trust! Thank bailima team and wish Luzhou bailima a better development

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