Win at the starting point, iberi E6 mode landing,

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In the morning meeting, the bright greetings, friendly hugs, happy dances, interesting games, positive mutual praise... A day full of hope and motivation began

in the morning meeting, there were loud greetings, friendly hugs, happy dances, interesting games, positive mutual praise... A day full of hope and motivation began

e6 mode introduction has been carried out for two days in ebari's whole house customized Yueyang store. In just two days, the Iberian family received three sessions of introduction system training of morning meeting, afternoon meeting and evening meeting, systematic sorting of sales process, etc. they were divided into drainage group and sales group. The drainage group was responsible for intercepting and attracting customers into the store, and the sales group was responsible for shopping guide service. The Iberian family performed their respective duties, gave full play to their professional abilities, and made contributions to their respective teams

the teacher sorted out the complete sales process for the Iraqi family, and answered the questions raised by the family in the sales process. The family listened attentively and took notes

professional designer

after listening to Mr. Li's needs, the professional designer provided him with professional opinions and modification plans, and explained the design concept in detail. Mr. Li said with satisfaction, "it's still your designer major of iberi."

members of the drainage group

members of the drainage group seize the opportunity to share their experiences and experiences in a short rest time, so that they can better carry out the drainage work in the afternoon. In the scorching sun, the team members spared no effort to take the initiative to bring new customers to the store and praise them

professional explanation of the sales team

store manager ran is introducing the quick quotation method to you. The explanation is professional and clear. The Iraqi people listen carefully and actively ask questions at the same time. Everyone benefits a lot from the positive interaction

shopping guides memorize product knowledge

after listening to Ran's full explanation, shopping guides are carefully memorizing product shopping guide knowledge, in order to better answer customers' questions

goal refinement

each team sets daily goals for their team, implements team goals to individuals, and realizes better management of goals

on a quiet night, the store is still brightly lit, and everyone remains full of spirit after a day's work

individuals and teams

the drainage group and the sales group work closely together, and they complement each other. From intercepting and attracting customers to the store to shopping guide services and introductions, they are inseparable. Everyone is an important member of the team, but not just as individuals. The progress of the team requires mutual help and mutual promotion. When everyone works together to do a good job, the team will have a strong cohesion, So as to become efficient and powerful





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