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Mr. Ye long, CEO of uiot super smart home, personally visited the front-line owners' families to investigate user needs and experience the product creation effect on the spot

time: Wednesday, January 9, 2019

visit owner: Mr. Ji

home address: Baoji LANWAN villa, Pudong, Shanghai

drizzle in the morning, Mr. Ye long, CEO of uiot super smart home; Personally visit the front-line owner's family, investigate user needs, and experience the product creation effect on the spot

the CEO of uiot super smart home on the second left: Mr. Ye long, the owner on the second right: Mr. Ji

jim villa has a total of 4 floors, covering an area of more than 400 square meters. The decoration lasted nearly 10 months. All the structures and large furniture designs inside the whole house were designed and built by Jim and his designer friends

enter Jim's smart villa together

the vehicle enters the underground garage, and the mobile phone controls to open the garage door, turn on the light, and remove the security.

enter the door in the basement, Jim uses his fingerprint to open the uiot super smart home IOT door lock, and immediately linkage the light on the underground -2 floor. The background music plays Jim's favorite songs, and cancels the infrared electronic fence, audible and visual alarm, smart door and window magnetism, infrared human body detector HD outdoor gun camera deployment mode

when entering the kitchen, you can click the OLED scene panel to "enter the kitchen", and all the lights in the kitchen are turned on. Combined with the Western Castle design concept, the kitchen is not only a living space for cooking, but also a living space for eating and communicating at the Zhongdao bar. In the process of cooking or chatting at the bar, the background music is turned on, and the color lights change with the music to create a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere

during the experience, Jim said that "he is very interested in high-tech products. When choosing smart home products, he compared many smart home brands in the market one by one, and finally chose uiot super smart home. The reason is very simple. Uiot super smart home products are very complete, which can meet all my needs for smart home. At the same time, the product quality and stability have a good reputation in the market."

Jim is an entrepreneur with geek spirit. He designed a "laundry artifact" at home. Before drying clothes, you need to run back upstairs and downstairs, and you also need to worry about sprinkling water on the floor. It's convenient to have a laundry artifact. After washing clothes, you can directly dry them on the balcony upstairs

jim sits on the massage chair and starts the "viewing mode" by linking the light, curtain, air conditioner and viewing equipment through the smart speaker. The curtain drops automatically, and the projection, power amplifier, speaker and other equipment turn on automatically. At the same time, the light enters the viewing mode. Jim's niece is a music student. The song listening mode that Jim's niece likes is set up separately in the viewing room. Just one click to switch to the "song listening mode", the projection screen will automatically close, and the power amplifier will automatically switch channels

go inside and enter the tea room. Through the OLED scene panel on the wall, one click to start "Tea Room Reception", the light/light strip automatically creates a reception atmosphere, and the tea table automatically rises

in the living room, Jim starts the "reception mode" with one click and describes the application of the reception scene: the lights are automatically turned on, the floor heating is turned on, and the 3D fireplace is automatically linked to turn on, giving guests a very warm and comfortable feeling. After all guests arrive, the curtains will automatically close, completely separated from the open lobby, which is a very private reception space for communication

in conversation, Jim mentioned "Uiot super zhihuijia's products represent the future, and the future lifestyle must be smart products. The biggest value of uiot super zhihuijia's products to me is that all devices can be presented according to my different needs, interact and combine with each other, and DIY different scenes at will. At present, there are more than 300 scenes planned. Compared with other smart brands in the market, uiot super zhihuijia's products are basically unsatisfied. At present, uiot super zhihuijia's products have been stable It has been running for 3 months, so it seems that my choice is very correct. "

next, we experienced many regional intelligent products such as master bedroom, bathroom, cloakroom, etc. Jim applied the functions of uiot super smart products to many spaces that we can't imagine. For example, in a rainy and humid city like Shanghai, Jim installed an intelligent environment detector in the cloakroom to detect the humidity in the cloakroom. If the humidity threshold exceeded the standard, he would start the dehumidifier to dehumidify. After the rain sensor sensed the rain, he would close the window with the window opener. Avoid wet clothes. Wearing wet clothes on the body will stimulate capillary contraction, which will lead to rheumatism if often

through a pleasant conversation, Mr. Jim and Mr. Ye long, CEO of uiot super smart home, deeply discussed the value that uiot super smart home products bring to users' lives. Extreme convenience makes life full of surprises. At the same time, Jim also made a high evaluation of uiot super smart home's whole house intelligent system: "uiot super smart home's products have achieved many of my ideals for home life, and I personally think that uiot super smart home's products can help improve modern life, and also raise the spiritual life of Chinese people to a new level."

Mr. Ye long, CEO of uiot super smart home: "Thank you very much for Mr. Jim's high recognition and warm reception of our products. He gave us a valuable product operation experience market feedback data. With more real user experience data, uiot super smart home ・ smart home system can continue to iterate and constantly meet the real needs of users. One step ahead, one step ahead.

uiot super smart home's vision is to provide every user with the most ideal, intelligent and healthy The most comfortable and convenient home life! Let the world fall in love with China smart manufacturing

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