Three misunderstandings in kitchen decoration

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Although the overall decoration design of the kitchen is becoming more and more exquisite, and the decoration function is almost perfect, you still need to grasp it carefully, otherwise there may be problems if you are not careful. Want our kitchen to be closer to perfection? Let's see the decoration designer for your analysis. 1. The layout of the kitchen operation area is unreasonable. The problem is reflected: the distance between the vegetable washing basin and the side wall in my kitchen is less than 10 cm, and it is next to the stove, so there is almost no place for the operation of the chopping board. To cook a dish, wash the dishes on the right side of the stove, and then cut the dishes on the left side of the stove. It's very difficult to come back and forth. Originally, the water pipe and gas pipe of the house are arranged next to each other and pasted on the wall. When the cabinet company designed it, it directly installed a stove and a vegetable washing basin in the nearest pipeline to save trouble. I really regret that I didn't consider these details at the beginning, resulting in the uncomfortable situation now. Decoration designer: many readers have reported to us the troubles like Ms. Wu, but to fundamentally solve this problem, we may have to change the pipeline and the table. The practicality of kitchen decoration must be emphasized. Not only should the operation area be reasonably arranged in combination with the operation process, but also the table height, cabinet height and thickness, light brightness and other issues should be adjusted according to the specific needs of the owner. The opinions of the chef at home are very important. Try to consider the whole situation as much as possible, and then conduct in-depth communication with the cabinet designer. Our designers realize their ideas through design, but to truly feel the convenience of operation, we need to combine the owner's personal experience and life experience. 2. The kitchen range hood is not suitable for use. The problem is reflected: I am a full-time housewife. When the new home is decorated, the kitchen is my most trouble. My whole kitchen is an imported brand with beautiful appearance and complete functions. The only regret is to choose an ultra-thin flat panel range hood. At that time, I took a fancy to its appearance, but now I find that its smoking ability is too weak. Cooking a meal, the taste in the kitchen is so strong that it won't go away for a long time. It's too much trouble to change the range hood. If you don't change it, you can't solve the problem of large range hood, which makes me very distressed. Decoration designer: when the imported brand integrated kitchen appeared in the market at the beginning, the harmonious design between the shape of its range hood and the overall kitchen brightened people's eyes. Indeed, the flat body design is simple and fashionable. Although the price is not cheap, it is still popular in the market. However, it is not suitable for the cooking form of frying, frying, cooking and frying of Chinese dishes, because the smoke collecting cover is too shallow or there is no smoke collecting cover at all, and the oil smoke that has no time to smoke overflows and spreads seriously. Over time, greasy will adhere to the cabinet or wall. Kitchen hygiene has become another headache for you. To solve this problem, I suggest you change to a deep cover range hood. These models, including deep type or deep cabinet type, are equipped with deep (large volume) smoke collecting hoods. When the fan operates at a high speed, a certain negative pressure zone is formed above the smoke collecting hood to contain the oil smoke that is too late to be pumped away, which plays a buffer role, so as to eliminate the phenomenon of a large amount of oil smoke overflow and diffusion. 3. The problem of unrealistic cabinet pine countertop reflects: when decorating, in order to pursue my favorite rural style, the cabinets are designed to be open, without cabinet doors, and covered with coarse linen curtains. The countertops of the cabinets also give up the finished countertops, and choose plain pine boards, so that workers can splice and install them on site, and finally brush waterproof paint on the countertops. Originally, I thought that there should be no problem with waterproof, but perhaps because pine is a solid wood material, it is inevitable that there will be moisture. After dehydration, it will gradually shrink, resulting in the cracks at the junction of the deck becoming larger and larger, and glue filling will not help. Moreover, when there is water on the table, the water will seep into the cabinet. Now I can only change the table to solve the problem. Decoration designer: it seems that Mr. Zhang is really too idealistic. The pine board countertop looks cool, but after all, the kitchen countertop is the place that contacts the most water, and wood is a material that is relatively easy to absorb water, so cracking and deformation is a matter of time. Now the design trend of rural style is in full swing, so the materials of this style in the building materials market are correspondingly more and more complete. You can choose the appropriate materials to replace solid wood. Practicality and beauty are always a pair of contradictions in decoration, but as long as you choose the right materials, this pair of contradictions can be balanced





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