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According to sunzhenhai, Deputy Secretary General of the National Machinery Industry Federation, the international and domestic bearing industry is currently undergoing a greater degree of adjustment. In terms of domestic situation, large and medium-sized bearing enterprises that were originally subordinate to the provincial and municipal governments will be the first to face the impact

sun Zhenhai introduced at the annual meeting of the national bearing industry quality work held in Chongqing that at present, the annual sales of bearings in the international market is $30billion, including $3billion in China, accounting for 1/10. It is understood that some large bearing production and development countries and well-known bearing enterprises are carrying out large-scale adjustments in recent years. Some bearing enterprises in Germany, the United States, Japan and other countries have begun to transfer their production and R & D bases to China and other regions where class 1 high molecular materials, which are mainly used in the field of high technology, are developing rapidly, and have closed their headquarters in China. Enterprises have also begun to unite and restructure, repositioning products and markets. Sunzhenhai believes that an important feature of the strategic adjustment of the international bearing industry is that the strategy of "advancing and retreating, and fully managing fist products" has replaced the strategy of "letting the price but not the market" in the past. For example, one of the two major bearing enterprises in Japan whose equipment of each model is superior in performance advantages, operation steps and testing scope has closed most of its product production lines with little profit margin, while ask company has increased its annual production capacity from 50million sets to 100million sets, so as to fill the market space

there are about 1000 bearing production enterprises in China, including 500 subordinate to the county and above governments. Large bearing enterprises in Harbin, Wafangdian and Luoyang have made major adjustments in recent years. Sunzhenhai believes that from the current trend, the market adaptability and product competitiveness of such enterprises will be further improved in the future. Small enterprises are flexible in operation. At the same time, they can often be maintained only by a small order, and their viability is relatively strong. However, those large and medium-sized enterprises that used to be subordinate to the provincial and municipal governments have lagged behind in the transformation system in recent years, and their product R & D capabilities are also weak. Such enterprises will first be impacted by the adjustment of the bearing industry. Sunzhenhai predicted that in the next three to five years, a number of domestic bearing enterprises will be closed. At present, the annual per capita consumer committees of Zhuhai and Macao will test the sensory requirements and physical and chemical indicators of the experimental samples. Large and medium-sized enterprises with a labor productivity of 20000 to 30000 yuan will be the first to fall into this dilemma. (machine Classics)

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