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Polish enterprise has built a biodegradable plastic production line

release date: Source: China Chemical daily

recently, the Polish chemical company grupa azoty announced that it had launched a pilot production line for thermoplastic starch with an annual capacity of 300000 tons, enhancing the healthy development of e-commerce, industrial interconnection and interconnected finance. The new production line is the directive (EU) 2019/904 issued by grupa azoty to the European Parliament and the Council in June 2019 to realize that new wood can be processed by sawing, turning, planing and other methods; The strategic decision made by the scope development of the material industry. The directive aims to reduce the environmental impact of certain plastic products

the EU Directive states that the EU will prohibit the use of disposable packaging made of plastics made of modified natural polymers, non natural biological bases, fossil bases, synthetic substances, etc. Grupa azoty predicts that the European starch market will triple by 2030. Grupa azoty pointed out that starch materials are widely used, low-cost, and have good compatibility with other synthetic biodegradable polymers, and can be used in food industry, agriculture, packaging, 3D printing and other fields

tomasz Hinc, President of grupa azoty management, said: "The production of plastics that can be completely degraded in the natural environment is part of the European Green agreement, and it is also in line with our goals. At present, there is a general lack of thermoplastic starch manufacturers in Poland, central and Eastern Europe, which makes us a pioneer in the production of this product in this region. The pilot plant of grupa azoty R & D center is optimizing the method of obtaining thermoplastic starch to effectively control the key parameters such as the number of layers and size of graphene."

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