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"Engineering projects" have become the "sweet pastry" that industrial automation enterprises are flocking to. Editor's note: when the economic situation is generally poor, many automation enterprise operators who used to target the OEM field have to look for new markets and customers. "Engineering projects" in electric power, rail transit, environmental protection and other industries have become promising new goals for these enterprises. Therefore, these "engineering projects" have become the "sweet pastry" that many industrial automation enterprises are flocking to

a financial storm has made FA enterprises in the north and south of the river suffer from the cold. Once the market and customers seemed to be swept away by this sudden storm overnight. In order to survive, many automation enterprise operators who used to lock the target market in the OEM field have to focus on 14 and reliability: user-defined limits and end experimental conditions, and look for new markets and customers. Therefore, the "engineering projects" in power, rail transit, environmental protection and other industries have become the new targets of these enterprises

when the overall economic situation is poor, engineering projects do have unique attractions. Its most prominent advantage lies in its strong investment guarantee. Because most of the engineering projects are related to the national economy and the people's livelihood, the funds often come from the central or local government finance, and the operation cycle of engineering projects is relatively long. Many of the projects launched now were determined before the outbreak of the financial crisis, and the funds are basically in place. In addition, most of the additional investment made by the state to stimulate economic growth has also fallen on water resistant projects. As a result, engineering projects have become a "sweet pastry" for many industrial automation enterprises

There are three closed-loop control modes of stress, strain and displacement

however, for some industrial automation enterprises, this "sweet cake" may also be a "hot potato". The shear strength of the interface was low in June. There are many similarities between OEM and engineering projects, but the differences are also obvious. For example, in dealing with the problem of capital chain, for OEM manufacturers, they basically adopt the way of small profits but quick turnover. The profit margin per unit product is relatively low, the product sales volume is large, the payment recovery is relatively fast, and the capital turnover period is relatively short. The operation cycle of the project is long, and the undertaking party must have sufficient capital investment in the early stage. At the same time, due to the limited number of engineering projects that an automation enterprise can undertake at the same time, the profit margin of the project must be high enough, otherwise, the capital chain of the enterprise will be broken, and it is likely that the "sweet pastry" has not been imported, and people have starved to death

there are also some important differences between OEM and engineering projects in the application details of technology. It is also the application of automation technology. OEM pays more attention to "fine", while engineering projects pay more attention to "full". For example, many OEM automatic control engineers who have worked in packaging machinery and other products have the experience of staying up late to modify the program to improve the PLC operation speed of a few milliseconds, while the engineers of engineering projects do not waste energy for those milliseconds, and they pay more attention to the stability and safety of the system. Therefore, when selecting control equipment, they usually need to ensure that the performance of the equipment has sufficient redundancy. In terms of the allocation of technical personnel, the undertaking party of the project must also give full consideration to it. Because the technicians of engineering projects inevitably have to go to the site, ranging from ten days and a half months to six months or even a year. Fewer people are not enough, and more people cannot afford it. In OEM factories, it is often oneortwo engineers who take care of the world

in addition, it must be noted that in this financial storm, not all engineering projects are solid. As mentioned above, many projects were determined before the outbreak of the financial crisis. After the outbreak of the financial crisis, although the country has a lot of capital investment, the emphasis on various industries is still different, and the engineering construction of some industries has shown a decline. Therefore, choosing the right market direction is crucial for those industrial automation manufacturers who are ready to enter the field of engineering projects

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