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With the increasing requirements of cigarette packet printing process, the smell of cigarette packet printing ink is becoming more and more prominent, which affects the quality of cigarette packets, and the deformation of printing and drying paper affects the yield, so that cigarette packets cannot meet the quality standards of cigarette packets set by cigarette factories, In recent years, many large cigarette bag manufacturing enterprises have introduced connecting air-conditioner equipment to solve the problem of cigarette bag printing ink smell and control. Children who know there are eager for knowledge. The following summarizes the process principles of air-conditioner in eliminating ambiguity and controlling paper deformation as a recommendation

principle of cold air deodorization:

after the air conditioner is connected with the printing machine or production line, it can be started when it is indeed installed on the 1 side of the blocked goods. The printing material is dried instantly through printing, and the ink layer is in a dry and hot-melt state. The ink solvent is highly volatilized, and the ink smell. The wiring passes through the air conditioner, and the air conditioner sprays cold air to the printing ink layer, and the hot-melt ink layer on the surface of the printing material will be frozen and cooled rapidly, This will also give the extruder industry endless development momentum, so that the ink surface layer forms a surface layer with relatively tight molecular structure due to the principle of thermal expansion and cold contraction, and the ink layer is closed to reduce the volatilization of ink odor. At the same time, blow out the ink solvent and ink odor, so that the print odor can meet the low odor standard

air conditioning 1. First of all, consider the need to test the tensile range of materials to control the paper deformation:

after printing and drying, the paper surface is highly heated, and it is cooled efficiently within a short time after the paper surface is heated to eliminate the heat of the paper surface, so as to minimize the possibility of paper deformation due to drying and heating. Generally, after printing passes through the air conditioner, the paper is flat and the deformation is the smallest, and the yield of subsequent processing is greatly high

source: Zhen Henri printing press

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