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Enstar GPRS based environmental monitoring

I. Introduction

with the continuous improvement of actual living standards, people have put forward higher and higher requirements for the surrounding environment they live on. Temperature, humidity, noise and air pollution index (API) have attracted more and more attention. The measurement and monitoring of these indicators have increasingly become a sign of people's pursuit of high-quality life

On the other hand, the rapid development of Internet technology provides a powerful means for the integration of various information. With the help of Internet, people can not only access many useful historical materials without leaving home, but also understand many real-time information that people pay attention to, such as stocks, exchange rates, ticketing, etc

with the help of the very mature Internet technology, people can know the ambient temperature, humidity, noise and other environmental indicators anytime and anywhere through web services, which has become a highlight of today's information services. Enstar wireless data acquisition and control unit developed by Shanghai YINGSHUO Automation Technology Co., Ltd. came into being in response to this requirement. It adopts a number of trendy technologies of today's embedded system software and hardware, and takes the lead in adopting the latest GPRS network access technology, providing a cost-effective and fully functional solution for the collection, transmission and release of real-time information on temperature, humidity, noise and other environmental indicators

innovation will lag behind if it is slow

second, the technical realization

using enstar as the front-end data acquisition unit, an Internet Oriented Environmental Monitoring and information publishing system can be formed as shown in the following figure:

the core composition of the above system lies in the enstar intelligent controller that integrates data acquisition and GPRS wireless communication functions developed by our company, It adopts many trendy software and hardware technologies of today's embedded computer system in its design:

1 ` highly integrated and compact electronic circuit design

2 'modular hardware architecture, the system has strong scalability

3 ` industrialized i/o signal standard design facilitates direct access of various field devices

4` integrated multiple network interfaces (RS-232, RS-485, Ethernet port)

5 ` embedded real-time operating system (RTOS), which can tailor the kernel design, makes the application software flexible and efficient

6` the on-site operation is highly reliable, and the operation service is close to "zero"

7 ` the direct access of public gsmgprs solves the contradiction of the shortage of short wave radio channel resources, and makes the application of IP network convenient and economically extended to the wireless public domain

each environmental monitoring point composed of enstar can measure the corresponding data through various sensors accessed. With the help of GSM access of GPRS, all monitoring points and servers of stations (data centers) can form an IP based wide area. Through the software running on tcp/ip, each environmental monitoring point can transmit the measured data to the station server at any time

The software system of the

station is an integrated system of various software. As a supplier of 540 ° data acquisition and transmission products that rotate from zero to the set angle and then reverse to the initial position, our company can provide access to all monitoring point data on the server side. It is submitted to the designers and developers of station software in the form of dynamic link library (DLL) or ActiveX control (OCX). In most cases, through ASP or Java technology, the software can easily publish the data of each monitoring point to the page in real time. Web software developers can also establish a database system for this purpose, which can provide richer management functions for real-time and historical data at the same time

III. technical features

each environmental monitoring point in this system adopts GPRS transmission technology to form a wireless IP network with servers, which has a very significant technical leadership in the industry:

enstar adopts GPRS to collect and transmit data:

1 'group is rapid, the construction cycle is short, and the cost is low

2 ` wide network coverage

3 ` there is no difference between local and long-distance

4 ` good security and confidentiality

5` the communication link is used. The tariff is calculated according to the traffic, and the use cost is low

enstar intelligent controller has been successfully applied in environmental protection, power and other industries. As the following advanced technology, it will increasingly show gratifying application prospects in the following fields together with GPRS:

1 ` tap water and gas pipe monitoring

2 ` power distribution is set up in the design and manufacturing process of the whole machine, standby monitoring and remote meter reading of key customers

3 ` environmental protection monitoring distributed in factories, urban areas and fields

4 ` hydrological monitoring and remote monitoring of pump stations and gates

5` parking lot and traffic data transmission

6 ` meteorological data monitoring

7 ` POS connection of financial system

8 ` wireless monitoring of oil field and its oil well pumping units

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