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Enterprise innovation mining based on knowledge management and TRIZ Method

today, with the rapid development of economic globalization and science and technology, enterprises are facing increasingly fierce market competition. In order to continue to occupy a place in the market, enterprises must constantly and quickly launch marketable new products, which requires enterprises to continue to innovate. As Henry Ford, former president of Ford Motor Company, said: "If you don't innovate, you will perish.

the cornerstone of innovation is knowledge. To innovate quickly, enterprises must constantly acquire new knowledge. They should try to eliminate the bubble knowledge in the film, accumulate and apply the existing knowledge, and effectively manage the knowledge of the enterprise. Whether the enterprise has the ability to create, accumulate, sort, absorb and apply knowledge will directly determine the competitiveness of the enterprise. Therefore, at present, knowledge management at home and abroad Knowledge management (km) has done a lot of research, but it mainly focuses on knowledge management in supply chain management. There is little research on how to transform the tacit knowledge such as the experience of excellent employees in enterprises into explicit knowledge, and how to add successful cases to the enterprise knowledge base after standardization for future innovation and invention

knowledge management is a good method to improve the innovation ability of enterprises. It can effectively store and share successful cases in enterprises, but it cannot realize innovation by itself; TRIZ is an efficient innovation method, but it can not effectively combine the innovation principles it provides with the past successful cases and the actual situation of the enterprise, so as to quickly find innovative solutions suitable for the enterprise's own environment

in view of the above analysis, this paper is based on the mining of the mechanism of enterprise innovation ability. It is proposed that in order to carry out self-effective innovation, enterprises should establish their own knowledge base, integrate the established enterprise knowledge base with TRLZ method, and build an integrated system to help enterprises quickly and efficiently find solutions to problems from the innovation principles given by TRIZ on the basis of combining their own environmental conditions

1 mining the mechanism of enterprise innovation

nowadays, the synthesis of enterprise competitiveness is not limited to its scale, information and technology, but pays more attention to its innovation and adaptability. Innovation has become the basic way for enterprises to win competitive advantages and improve the level of competitiveness in the market, and knowledge resources play an important role in the improvement of enterprise productivity and wealth growth, and are the main source of enterprise innovation. Therefore, the innovation power of an enterprise comes from the mining and management of individual knowledge inside and outside the enterprise, so as to improve the organizational knowledge of Huawei enterprises and form the source power of enterprise innovation

1.1 sublimate individual knowledge into organizational knowledge

according to the different forms of knowledge, Nonaka divides knowledge into explicit knowledge and tacit knowledge. Explicit knowledge refers to the knowledge that can be encoded and measured and processed by computer; Tacit knowledge refers to the part of knowledge belonging to experience, know-how and inspiration in the brain and the implicit knowledge in products. Moreover, nonak believes that explicit knowledge and tacit knowledge can be transformed into each other, and puts forward SECI model. According to Nonaka's SECI model, only when tacit knowledge is made explicit and then explicit knowledge is internalized (as shown in Figure 1), that is, all employees improve their tacit knowledge in sharing, learning and experiencing new explicit knowledge, can the enterprise as a whole really expand knowledge reserves and thus improve innovation ability

Figure 1 knowledge transformation model

for knowledge-based enterprises, if tacit knowledge cannot be widely spread in the enterprise in time, these valuable assets will be difficult to be widely used, and may be lost with time and the loss of employees. In the fierce market competition, the transformation speed of tacit knowledge and explicit knowledge within enterprises often determines the competitiveness of enterprises. Therefore, the managers of enterprises must consider how to effectively convert tacit knowledge into explicit knowledge, so that it can be widely spread within the enterprise, and enable employees to use it in their work after receiving explicit knowledge. Through the process of use, the explicit knowledge can be transformed into personal tacit knowledge, and then the newly generated tacit knowledge can be changed into explicit knowledge, which has high elasticity, impact resistance, corrosion resistance, Shandong Henan and other regions have also taken the initiative to implement the 65% energy-saving standard, which is characterized by easy processing and light weight, so as to increase the knowledge needed by employees for innovation and improve the innovation ability of enterprises

in the figure: I refers to individual; G refers to group; O refers to organization; Socialization refers to the transformation of tacit knowledge from one entity to another; Dominance refers to the process of transforming tacit knowledge into explicit knowledge; Synthesis refers to the process of creating new explicit knowledge from existing explicit knowledge; Internalization refers to the process of transforming explicit knowledge into tacit knowledge

through the interaction of these four transformation processes, knowledge in the organization is created, and transformed from individuals to groups, and then to the whole organization, so as to accelerate the speed of enterprise innovation

1.2 transforming external knowledge into internal knowledge

it is not enough to use the precipitation of internal knowledge to innovate. We must fully tap the knowledge of enterprises or other fields outside the industry. Through the research and comparison of a large number of patents, ahshuller found that only 1% of the solutions are original, and the rest are the application of known solutions or concepts in new fields. Different technical fields have the same theoretical model, and the solutions are often similar, and the solutions are transitive. This shows that most of the problems we encounter have known solutions. Therefore, through the analysis of patents in other fields, we can tap the external knowledge of enterprises and stimulate the innovation inspiration of enterprises

through the above analysis, we know that knowledge is the cornerstone of data innovation that enterprises can correctly test after eliminating these faults. Enterprises should make full use of the interactive process of interpersonal communication and information exchange to fully combine people and knowledge. Under the shared organization, they should borrow the innovation principles of other enterprises or industries and use the wisdom of groups to innovate, so as to win competitive advantage

2 Establishment of enterprise knowledge base

in order to effectively organize internal and external knowledge of the enterprise and form organizational knowledge of the enterprise for employees to share, the enterprise must use corresponding policies to mobilize employees to contribute their individual knowledge, and effectively integrate internal and external individual knowledge to form an enterprise knowledge base. The specific method flow is shown in Figure 2

Figure 2 knowledge base creation process

by establishing an enterprise organizational innovation knowledge base, we continue to promote the transformation of tacit knowledge to explicit knowledge, so that it can be widely spread within the enterprise, so as to improve the innovation ability of the enterprise and enhance the competitiveness of the enterprise

3 build an integration system based on enterprise knowledge management and TRIZ

through the above analysis, it is known that establishing enterprise knowledge base and realizing knowledge management can ensure the effective storage and sharing of enterprise knowledge, realize the effective integration of enterprise knowledge, and ensure the security of enterprise knowledge. However, knowledge management is knowledge after all. Knowledge is a kind of resource. We must make effective use of resources in order to create new resources and bring benefits to enterprises. Therefore, it is very important to find an efficient creation method. At present, TRIZ method is widely used by foreign enterprises and was introduced into China in the late 1990s. The so-called TRIZ, that is, the theory of solving invention problems, is the most comprehensive and systematic new theory to discuss invention and realize technological innovation at present. Applying this theory can greatly speed up the process of people's invention and get high-quality innovative products. TRLZ is a problem-solving system based on the evolution law of technical system. The theory and method system of TRIZ are composed of 8 modes of technical system evolution, 39 general engineering parameters, 40 invention principles, 39 x39 conflict resolution matrix, 76 standard solutions, invention problem-solving algorithm (Ariz) and engineering knowledge effect base. Its problem-solving model is shown in Figure 3

Figure 3 TRIZ problem solving model

from the TRLZ solution model, it can be seen that it can use 40 invention principles, time, space, condition separation methods and the global patent library to provide us with one or more reference solutions. However, these solutions do not consider the applicable conditions of the enterprise itself. Therefore, the solutions obtained by using TRIZ Method alone are often only theoretical solutions, and cannot get engineering practical solutions, It is not practical and feasible, which leads to the failure of innovation. In order to improve the effectiveness of innovation, we must combine the efficient TRIZ Method with the knowledge base of enterprises, and seek a feasible solution suitable for the enterprise environment among the alternatives provided by TRIZ. Therefore, it is imperative to establish an integration system that integrates TRIZ and enterprise knowledge base

the integration method is to link the enterprise knowledge management system to the TRIZ software platform, and appropriately modify the problem-solving model in Figure 3. The modified integrated system problem-solving model is shown in Figure 4

Figure 4 integrated system problem solving model

the integrated system will have all the advantages of enterprise knowledge management system and TRIZ Method, as shown in Table 1

4 conclusion

the paper only gives the construction idea based on the integration system of enterprise knowledge management and TRIZ, and takes into account some specific problems and solutions that will be encountered in the classification and storage of successful innovation cases in the actual operation process, because it is very difficult for computers to deal with tacit knowledge. However, these issues are some key issues in the study of knowledge management, and we will continue to study them to improve the feasibility of the integrated system. (end)

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