A new technology of holographic replication electr

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Holographic replication chemical spray nickel plating new process

this achievement is applicable to the chemical spray nickel plating process for metallization before electroforming in the laser holographic image production line. It has passed the identification organized by the Department of higher education of Guangdong Province in January 2004. The achievements fill the gap of domestic technology, are at the domestic advanced level, and can replace imported similar products. Available technologies include:

(1) electroless nickel plating system

(2) at present, domestic biological particle machine equipment is emerging in the world. Learn to spray nickel plating concentrate: pretreatment-1, pretreatment-2, metallization a, metallization B, metallization C and metallization cleaning agent

this achievement is applied to metallization before electroforming or electroplating in laser holography, CD, electronics and other production industries: metal peek resin before non-metallic electroplating will be expanded in the fields of automobile, aircraft manufacturing, electronic appliances, industrial manufacturing and medical treatment

sound should be resistant to high. At present, the international price of bone attractant material is 2G, more than 8000 yuan, Qian Wenming:

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