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Liangjiang New Area enterprises research and develop the country's first intelligent glass energy-saving curtain wall

recently, Yubei district airport new town planning exhibition hall built the country's first intelligent glass energy-saving curtain wall. It is reported that this intelligent glass energy-saving curtain wall is independently developed by Chongqing Hewei Technology Co., Ltd., an enterprise in Liangjiang New Area. With this technology, glass can not only automatically adjust the transparency of glass according to temperature changes, but also effectively block ultraviolet and infrared rays, saving about 10% of energy consumption

empty LED display, intuitive man-machine dialogue, Hong Kong New Town Planning Exhibition Hall has about 400 square meters of intelligent glass energy-saving curtain wall. This kind of curtain wall can show two states of "clarity" and "atomization" with the change of temperature. When the temperature reaches a certain set value (35 ℃), the glass will "change its face", so as to better block ultraviolet and infrared rays and play a role in heatstroke prevention and cooling. Once the temperature is lower than 35 ℃, the glass curtain wall will restore the lighting, daylighting and other functions of general glass. It is reported that this "made in Chongqing" smart membrane has received orders from many new construction projects in China. A new landmark building in Penang, Malaysia, will also use the "made in Chongqing" smart membrane

according to the introduction, The glass used in intelligent glass energy-saving curtain wall is a kind of biomass based polyurethane rigid foam energy-saving insulation material, and the production technology won the award "Thermal dimming insulating glass for construction. The reason why this kind of glass will change color according to the change of temperature is that there is a layer of intelligent nano gel film in the middle of the glass. The detection of professional instruments shows that when the intelligent film is in an opaque state, it can block more than 98% of ultraviolet rays and more than 97% of infrared rays. Ordinary insulating glass rises by more than 10 ℃ in a minute under infrared irradiation; the intelligent film in an opaque state is in the same temperature range Under infrared radiation, the temperature rise is less than 2 ℃ in one minute

"at present, the intelligent membrane sold in the market has both opportunities and challenges. It mainly depends on the change of current to change the state of the membrane. Most of it needs manual adjustment and consumes electric energy." The relevant person in charge said that the smart nano gel film is the first passive smart dimming film in China, and it is also a real smart film

at the same time, the discoloration temperature of intelligent nano gel film can be customized according to actual needs. The discoloration temperature range is - 20 ℃ - 70 ℃. Intelligent nano gel film can also make greenhouse film, which can promote sunlight to be more evenly scattered into the greenhouse, which is conducive to the growth of crops

it is reported that the intelligent glass energy-saving curtain wall is expected to participate in the construction of Yuelai smart city in Liangjiang New Area. At that time, this low-carbon, green and intelligent magic glass will better promote the construction of smart city and new development concept demonstration zone in Liangjiang New Area in recent years

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