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Several development strategies for the current situation of paper packaging in China (Part 1)

with the intensification of global environmental pollution and ecological environment destruction, the voice of paying attention to life, environment and development is rising day by day. When people all over the world are calling for "green packaging", the CPC Central Committee put forward at the Third Plenary Session of the 16th CPC Central Committee, "adhere to people-oriented, establish a comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable development concept, and promote the all-round development of economy, society and people", That is, the scientific concept of development

in China, paper packaging products, mainly cartons and cartons, have regained rapid development with their excellent packaging performance, environmental protection performance, easy processing performance and relatively low cost, making the proportion of paper packaging products gradually increase, while the proportion of plastic packaging relatively decline, and finally occupy the first place in the packaging industry

China is a large country producing paper packaging products. Taking corrugated board production as an example, through the road of introduction, digestion and development, the output has continued to grow. From 1995 to 2001, China's corrugated board output has always ranked third in the world, with an average annual growth rate of 11.6%; In 2002, the output has surpassed Japan, ranking second in the world, reaching 14.8 billion m2, an increase of 6.6%; It is expected to reach 16.537 billion m2 in 2004, and the annual consumption will reach 20 billion M2 from 2005 to 2008

although the development trend of China's paper packaging industry needs to be checked frequently, there are still many adverse factors restricting its development, such as the low level of overall modern management, the weak ability of scientific and technological development, and the weak awareness of protecting the ecological environment. In order to make China's paper packaging industry develop sustainably, healthily, and rapidly, we must guide its overall development with the scientific concept of development

the current situation and existing problems of China's paper packaging industry

China's paper packaging industry has experienced sustained and rapid development in the previous period. While it has made remarkable achievements, it has also ushered in fierce competition. Facing the huge market, not only domestic paper packaging enterprises are increasing, but also joint venture and foreign-funded manufacturers have entered the Chinese market. They compete with domestic enterprises by virtue of their advantages such as high starting point of technology, advanced equipment and abundant funds. There are tens of thousands of domestic paper packaging enterprises. The current status is: in terms of enterprise scale, there are fewer large enterprises and more small and medium-sized enterprises; In terms of equipment performance, there are few technologically advanced production equipment, and more medium and low-grade production equipment; Among the advanced production equipment, there are few self-developed ones and more imported ones; In terms of product structure, there are fewer high-grade new products and more low-grade old products. In terms of economic benefits, there are fewer enterprises with good benefits and more enterprises with unsatisfactory benefits. Taking corrugated board production as an example, China has 3000 corrugated production lines, which are generally distributed in Guangdong, the coastal and Yangtze River Delta regions, and the central and western regions. Among them, there are 2700 ordinary production lines with 5 floors and 1.6m width, while there are only 300 high-end production lines with 5-7 floors and more than 1.8-2m width, with an average annual output of about 5.27 million m2 per production line. In the United States, there are only 660 tile lines, which are basically high-end and high-speed production lines with a width of more than 2m and a speed of 200~300m/min. The average annual output of each production line is about 62.88 million m2, 11.9 times that of China. The above facts show that although China has obtained different opinions on the same material σ P value has become a big country in paper packaging production, but it is not a strong country in paper packaging production. In order to improve the competitiveness of China's paper packaging industry, there are still some deep-seated problems to be solved, which are as follows:

(1) the level of modern management is not high, and the economic benefits are not ideal

as for the carton industry, because small and medium-sized enterprises still account for the majority, and the number of large backbone enterprises and the space to play a role are limited, it has affected the improvement of the overall level of the whole industry. Even in large and medium-sized enterprises, there is still a certain market for the traditional management mode, that is, the ideology of "emphasizing hardware and neglecting software", and the enterprises are basically still in the state of extensive operation. In order to obtain market share, they adopt the vicious means of price reduction and sales competition, which leads to researchers integrating high concentration ceramic material particles evenly into the fibers. The profitability of the whole industry is low, and a large number of enterprises operate at low profits, As a result, the enterprise has a large loss. On the contrary, Huali, Lianhe and other companies in the Shanghai carton industry, which have established modern management, have adopted a management mode that pays attention to both hardware and software, with a profit margin of up to 10% of sales. The general profit margin of enterprises is also about 5%, and there are few loss making enterprises

(2) weak scientific and technological development ability

the scientific and technological development ability of China's paper packaging industry is not strong, mainly manifested in weak scientific and technological strength and insufficient R & D funds

the scale of China's paper packaging industry is small. At present, there are nearly 50 colleges and universities with related majors, and more than 50 related scientific research institutions, which can be said to be not weak. Due to the depression of most packaging enterprises, many college students majoring in packaging change careers as soon as they graduate, and the serious loss of professionals in this industry, the scientific and technological personnel in this industry account for only 3.5% - 4% of the employees, far lower than the national average of 6.8%. In terms of R & D funds, many enterprises only pay attention to production and do not pay attention to scientific research and development, so the R & D funds invested are pitiful. Take Guangdong Province, where the packaging industry is developed, as an example, the R & D funds invested in previous years accounted for only 0.2% - 0.3% of the enterprise's sales revenue, and the same is true across the country. In the scientific research department, some are only busy generating income and ensuring jobs, and have no time to take into account research and development; Some want to engage in research and development but have no funds, so the originally weak technical force cannot play its due role

the direct consequence of the lagging scientific and technological development of the paper packaging industry is the slow technological progress of enterprises, the low grade of products and the poor competitiveness of enterprises. The paper packaging products produced are lack of high-grade varieties with good performance; The technology and equipment produced cannot reach a higher level in terms of performance, efficiency, automation, applicability, environmental protection, scientific and technological content, and the gap with the world's advanced level has not been narrowed, but further widened

(3) the production structure of the industry is unreasonable

one of the main manifestations of the unreasonable production structure of the paper packaging industry is the serious low-level repeated construction, which is also determined by the particularity of different thermal insulation technology systems. The so-called low level refers to products produced by equipment with low technical content, simple manufacturing process and low processing accuracy requirements. Repeated construction refers to that when an enterprise has good benefits for a period of time, other enterprises in the same region also follow suit, with roughly the same level of equipment and mutual excavation of technical forces, resulting in the decline of the benefits of the whole industry, and even the bankruptcy of some enterprises

the unreasonable production structure of this industry is mainly manifested in the adoption of "large and comprehensive, small and comprehensive" production mode regardless of the size of the enterprise, which not only fails to make full use of the occupied space, capital, labor and other resources, but also leads to poor product quality due to the lack of technical foundation. This production mode is extremely unsuitable for the development of modern enterprises. If it is not adjusted, it will inevitably hinder the overall development of the industry

the third main manifestation of unreasonable production structure is the neglect of "unimportant" links in the introduction or technological transformation of technical equipment or production lines, resulting in the mismatching of production equipment. These neglected "unimportant" links are the direct cause of low product grade or low production efficiency

(4) national quality standards need to be revised and formulated

the degree of industrial standardization is an important symbol to measure a country's industrial development level. At present, the main problem in the standardization of China's paper packaging industry is that many products have no national standards so far. Although some products have formulated national standards, they are aging and need to be modified. Take corrugated boxes as an example. It has been 19 years since the national standard (gb/t) was formulated in 1986. The production process and equipment of cartons have changed greatly, but the standard has not been modified so far. What's more, products such as cartons have not formulated national standards, which is not suitable for the development of the paper packaging industry

(5) weak awareness of environmental protection

limited by China's existing resources and technical level, the development of the paper packaging industry will inevitably increase the consumption of raw material paper, and the problems of destroying the ecological environment and wasting limited resources directly, especially indirectly, are easy to be ignored. China is a country with a shortage of forest and fresh water resources. Due to the weak awareness of environmental protection, some papermaking and other enterprises are only concerned about the immediate "economic interests" and do not pay attention to the serious events caused by environmental protection, which have attracted the unanimous attention of the whole country. We must be aware that the waste liquid of pulping can cause environmental pollution, and the waste plastic paper composites that are difficult to degrade can also cause pollution

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