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The current situation and development of plastic hollow containers

in recent years, the development of China's plastic industry has grown rapidly. Plastic hollow containers have also become a major direction of the rapid development of plastics in China. Its use has covered household goods, industrial chemical packaging, food and pharmaceutical packaging, automotive parts, transportation pallets, stadium facilities, transportation facilities and other fields

I. current situation and development of hollow molding machine

hollow molding machine is one of the three leading equipment of plastic machinery in China. Its development started late, but its development speed is very fast. After 20 years of development, China's hollow molding machine has made great progress, basically meeting the needs of general hollow molding products, especially hollow beverage bottles and small hollow molding products, and has made considerable progress and development. At present, there are more than ten domestic enterprises that produce hollow forming machines on a large scale. Shanghai huawang Industrial Company can manufacture hollow forming equipment with a capacity of 0.5l-1000l and co extrusion hollow forming equipment with a capacity of six layers of 1000L. Shaanxi Qinchuan Machinery Development Co., Ltd. can manufacture 20l-1000l hollow forming equipment and 500L six layer co extrusion hollow forming machine. Among the equipment producing 200L double L ring, Qinchuan Machinery Development Co., Ltd. has a market share of more than 80%. Guangdong Jinming Plastic Equipment Co., Ltd. is developing a coextrusion hollow forming equipment for seven layer coextrusion plastic fuel tank, and a three-layer coextrusion double station in mold labeling hollow forming machine developed by Hengyang Huayi rubber and Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd

although the production of hollow molding machines in China has reached a certain scale, the variety and scale of products have been expanded and increased, and the control is developing in the direction of computerization, great changes have taken place in the mechanism of hollow molding products, especially in the field of automobile industry, the application of hollow molding products is more and more, and raw material suppliers have developed various new hollow molding materials to adapt to the development of automobile industry. However, China's hollow molding machine still can't keep up with the demand, especially the adaptability and reliability of products still have a certain gap compared with the international market

II. Market overview of plastic hollow containers

1. Drug packaging containers

high flexibility and resilience

drugs, as a special kind of products, play a very important role in maintaining public health. Because active chemicals play a role in drugs, its stability has a direct impact on its packaging. Packaging materials and containers in direct contact with drugs after the completion of the high molecular materials laboratory, it is an integral part of drugs, and it is accompanied by the whole process of drug production, circulation and use, especially some drug injections themselves are dependent on packaging. Due to the drug packaging materials, the composition of prescription, the control of production process and the control of production environment, the drug dissolution, drug interaction The long-term immersion, corrosion and peeling of drugs directly affect the quality of drugs

due to its light weight and no damage during transportation, pharmaceutical plastic packaging has developed rapidly in China in recent years. At present, the main raw materials used in pharmaceutical packaging in China are HDPE and LDPE, which are non-toxic, tasteless, have good barrier to moisture permeability, and meet the national standard for pharmaceutical packaging containers (materials)

the drug administration law of the people's Republic of China regulates the management of drug packaging. Direct contact with drug packaging materials and containers must meet the pharmaceutical requirements, meet the management of ensuring human health and safety, and have the drug supervision and administration department approve drugs at the same time. Drug manufacturing enterprises shall not use unapproved packaging materials and containers that directly contact drugs

2. Plastic pallets

plastic pallets are relatively late in the domestic market, and the cost is relatively high. With the gradual transformation of China's storage and transportation mode from extensive bulk to centralized full container intensive storage and transportation mode, plastic pallets are in a period of rapid growth in China. At present, more than 100million pallets are used every year in China, which is calculated according to the fact that plastic pallets account for 20% of the total pallets. The domestic demand for plastic pallets will also reach 20million, excluding the renewal and development of plastic pallets. Relevant data show that pallets in China are increasing at a rate of no less than 20 million/year, of which plastic pallets account for about 8%. In recent years, the average renewal rate and growth rate of plastic pallets are about 10%, of which the number of plastic pallets used in petrochemical, tobacco, food, medicine and transportation has doubled. In terms of the current domestic production capacity of plastic pallets, the balance between supply and demand can be achieved after years

at present, plastic pallets are mainly produced by injection molding, hollow blow molding and extrusion molding in China. Among them, hollow blow molding trays generally use high molecular weight high-density polyethylene hmwhdpe as the main raw material. Due to its high molecular weight, hmwhdpe has more rigidity and strength than HDPE, and is more resistant to chemical corrosion and environmental stress cracking

plastic pallet is a new product with rapid development. It protects the environment and replaces wood with plastic. The development of international and domestic logistics industry provides a huge market and business opportunities for the development of plastic pallet. With the development of science and technology, the raw materials and processes used in the production of plastic pallets will also develop. As the advantages of plastic pallet in use performance are increasingly recognized by users, it is an inevitable trend for plastic pallet to replace wooden pallet as the leading logistics product in the future. Plastic pallet has a broad development prospect in China

3. plastic drinking water bucket

with the continuous improvement of people's living standards, people's drinking water methods have also changed. People are more and more concerned about the quality of drinking water, and need to be more hygienic and healthier. In the mid-1990s, bottled water and direct drinking water, which were popularized abroad, began to enter China and developed rapidly

filling water and direct drinking water buckets are mainly made of polycarbonate PC. Because the finished PC is not only transparent, but also has high strength and rigidity, especially good heat resistance, and can be disinfected repeatedly for 50 times under 120 ℃ high temperature steam without deformation, it is the preferred material for filling water and direct drinking buckets

according to statistics, China currently has more than 100 PC production lines, and domestic equipment accounts for about 60%

4. Packaging of cosmetics and washing products

with the improvement of people's consumption level and the enhancement of consumption ability, the production and sales of cosmetics and washing products have achieved unprecedented development, and the market competition is becoming increasingly fierce. Businesses have made great efforts in the packaging of cosmetics and washing products, developing in the direction of diversification of specifications and shapes, and diversification of plastic material selection

for middle and low-grade cosmetics, the capacity of packaging containers is diversified to facilitate consumers' choice; For high-end products, small capacity containers are used for packaging to meet the needs of low-income people. Relatively speaking, the amount of shampoo and shower gel is more, and ml family clothes are also very common

most of the packaging containers for ordinary cosmetics and washing supplies are made of polyethylene. Because transparent containers can let consumers see the contents clearly, consumers have more and more requirements for transparent containers, and transparent polypropylene CPP is the main material to meet this requirement. Compared with other transparent plastics, CPP is a packaging material with high quality, low price and great competitive advantage

transparent polyethylene terephthalate PET plastic bottles have also become popular packaging containers for cosmetics and washing products today. The products made from them have good transparency, gloss, stable chemical properties, good gas resistance and good hand feel

in addition, the application of in mold labeling technology has also improved the packaging quality of cosmetics and washing products. At present, the development of green packaging materials, nano material modification and antibacterial materials are also being used in the packaging of cosmetics and washing products

5. Blending barrier packaging container

high density polyethylene (HDPE) is a general plastic with low price, impact resistance, chemical corrosion resistance and moisture resistance, which has been widely used in plastic packaging materials. However, HDPE has poor barrier to oxygen, carbon dioxide gas and hydrocarbons. When using HDPE containers to store food, it is easy to cause food deterioration or loss of flavor. When containing chemicals containing hydrocarbon solvents, the environment will be polluted due to the leakage of solvents. Therefore, the application of HDPE in the field of food, medicine and chemical packaging is limited

ethylene vinyl alcohol random copolymer (EVOH) is a barrier resin. It has excellent barrier properties against oxygen, carbon dioxide and hydrocarbon organic solvents. At the same time, it also has the advantages of transparency, weather resistance, excellent processability, outstanding mechanical strength and so on. However, because EVOH is expensive, brittle and has strong hygroscopicity, its barrier performance will be significantly reduced after hygroscopic. Therefore, EVOH is rarely used alone to manufacture barrier packaging products

composite packaging materials with excellent barrier properties can be manufactured by using the moisture resistance of HDPE resin and the gas resistance of EVOH resin. At present, the widely used method is to manufacture composite barrier packaging materials by multi-layer coextrusion of HDPE and EVOH. This technology has been industrialized at home and abroad, and has produced polyethylene/evoh multi-layer coextrusion composite films, automotive fuel tanks and various hollow products for food, oil products, cosmetics and pharmaceutical packaging

with the development of layered blending technology, domestic enterprises have begun to use this technology to manufacture barrier hollow containers. The products include hdpe/pa layered blended pesticide and organic solvent packaging bottles, oil tanks, etc

the existing barrier resins include EVOH, PA6, PA66, copolynylon, acrylonitrile copolymer, PVDC, pet, etc. among them, EVOH, PVDC and acrylonitrile copolymer have the best barrier properties. Due to the different molecular structure and aggregate structure, these barrier resins show different barrier properties for different media

blending barrier materials can be made into packaging boxes or plastic bottles for packaging condiments, fruit juices, ketchup, oil products, meat, cheese, fruits and other foods. It can extend the shelf life and shelf life of food, and ensure that food will not deteriorate during storage, transportation, processing and distribution. In the application of non food packaging, it can be used as a container for cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, solvents, pesticides and pesticides. In addition, with its excellent oil resistance and impermeability, it can also be used to manufacture automotive fuel tanks, gasoline barrels, air conditioning equipment pipes and components to reduce the leakage of hydrocarbons and refrigerants

6. plastic flexible packaging containers

plastic flexible packaging containers have been in China for more than 20 years. Although every product has its growth period and decline period, the life cycle of plastic flexible packaging containers is still in the growth period. Why are plastic flexible packaging containers still not declining in today's era of continuous renewal and vigorous development of packaging containers? This should be because (taking 25L of the same capacity as an example) plastic flexible packaging containers can be folded and overlapped during transportation, so as to reduce the transportation cost. Its transportation cost is 1/3 of that of general plastic barrels; Plastic flexible packaging containers have light weight and low cost of raw materials for production. The product weight is 1/3.6 of that of general plastic barrels; Due to the light weight of plastic flexible packaging containers, less plastic is discarded when loading items of the same capacity than ordinary plastic barrels, reducing white pollution

plastic flexible packaging containers are mainly made of low-density polyethylene LDPE as raw materials, and the products include

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