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The current situation and development of pad printing technology three

▲ new highlights of pad printing machine technology

the development of pad printing machine towards automation should be the consensus in the industry, which is the fundamental way to improve production efficiency and reduce costs, and also the inevitable requirement for the transformation of pad printing technology from labor-intensive industry to technology intensive industry

at present, the pad printing machine with high degree of automation is generally the rotary table conveying pad printing machine, which is completely automatic in the printing process, but it still relies on manual operation in the process of placing and removing workpieces, and the degree of automation is affected. Most manufacturing enterprises have imperfect Countermeasures in considering the quality problems in the printing process. Even if such a printing machine wants to complete the real automatic printing, it will face many challenges. "

although the general automatic printing machine is relatively rare, it is a full-automatic pad printing machine targeted at specific products, but it still faces many surprises. For example, the full-automatic pad printing machine for printing CD discs and alcohol covers, so fastener enterprises will use the metal tensile testing machine in the production process to check the quality of products. The automation of pad printing machine essentially means the automation of product conveying. As for the part of rotary printing, the change is very small. Some new technologies published in the press have broadened our horizons. The infiltration of other printing technologies has created new inspiration for us. Customers' visits have made us passionate about the practical requirements of pad printing machine automation

the following text may not represent the development direction of pad printing machine, but can you refuse its freshness

▲ pad printing machine for rolling simple paper

any printing process faces two paper feeding methods: one is sheet fed paper, the other is rolling simple paper; Coincidentally, pad printing technology is the only machine that does not print roll slips. As mentioned above, pad printing technology is the only technology that does not integrate with paper printing. If pad printing technology does not have advantages in paper, I think it should be mainly attributed to the large size of paper. Pad printing technology for printing like conventional self-adhesive paper may not be a dream. As mentioned above, the elongation of polymer materials is far better than that of metal, fiber, wood, plate and other materials. There is no technical problem in printing pictures and texts on paper. Its printing area is very small. Compared with the resin version self-adhesive printing machine, the manufacturing of pad printing web is less difficult, the operation is more convenient, and the machine price is lower. From a technical point of view, since silk printing can be used in web printing, there is no problem for pad printing to be used on Web. Through our understanding, some manufacturers are starting to develop monochrome web printing machines, and it is estimated that a prototype will be available within one year

▲ pad printing machine with cleaning device

Japan first installed a glue head cleaning device on the pad printing machine to improve printing. In the printing process, because the ink on the surface of the glue head cannot be completely transferred to the printed matter, the residual ink of the resin will gradually change the edge of the graphic trace on the surface of the glue head, causing a decline in clarity. There are two ways to solve this problem: one is to improve the deinking ability of the rubber head; The other is to install a rubber head cleaning device. Improving the deinking ability of the rubber head is left to the experts who make the pad printing rubber head to study. Let's examine the characteristics of the following rubber head cleaning device: this kind of rotary printing machine has one more action than the ordinary pad printing machine in the process of returning the pad printing rubber head, that is, the action of printing on the offset paper, and the residual ink on its surface will be cleaned

the figure shows us the schematic diagram of a pad printing machine equipped with a glue head cleaning device: the pad printing glue head is inked and printed. After it is returned, it can be printed on the adhesive paper rolled by a certain length. The ink on the surface of the glue head will be removed. When the glue head is inked again next time, the imprint will be basically the same as last time. In fact, this kind of design is not very clever, but we can't help but praise the meticulous cold of the designer. It is said that the designer of this enterprise came up with this idea after watching the technicians frequently wipe the rubber head when debugging the machine

for multicolor printing, it is obvious and easy to improve the accuracy of overprint by adding cleaning devices. If multicolor printing involves point reproduction, the phenomenon of point expansion will be significantly curbed. At present, the domestic pad printing machine has not reproduced the trend of installing a rubber head cleaning device, which may be related to our understanding of pad printing technology. We always believe that "trowel printing" is not a very fine printing technology, and there is no need to pay too much attention to the details of the printing process

▲ multicolor pad printing machine with accurate overprint

the production efficiency of traditional rotary pad printing machine is higher, but overprint; The accuracy should be poor, not to mention that fine dot printing cannot be completed, but it is not easy to overprint with slightly higher requirements. This is related to the defect of its own structure. In 2003, a Japanese pad printing machine manufacturer took the lead in launching a new four-color pad printing machine, which was exhibited at the Houjie exhibition and was highly praised by insiders. The movement form of this multi-color pad printing machine is quite different from that of the traditional multi-color pad printing machine, which will be Volvo's first model with carbon fiber body; It consists of four groups of rubber head systems rotating around the central axis to form a printing device, which rotates 90 degrees each time; The ink supply device is composed of four groups of printing plate systems rotating around another circle. Each printing also rotates at an angle of 90 degrees. Each group of rubber head only contacts the fixed printing plate, and overprint is very accurate. As shown in the above figure. The seed pad printing machine uses two precision rotary cylinders to control the rotation of the rubber head system and the printing plate system respectively. The structure is compact, the action is coordinated, and there are almost no machined parts, so the overprint effect is very good. Many craft gifts need fine printing. If the overprint is inaccurate, the loading speed required by the experiment will affect the value of the product itself. It seems that the development of an accurate overprint pad printing machine is not optional. If we don't have a better design idea for the time being, we can use the above examples for reference

the fact that the threshold of pad printing technology is too low has led to the proliferation of pad printing technology. Pad printing enterprises are facing fierce market competition, constantly compressing profit space, and the new Warring States era has arrived

the law of the jungle is the law of the jungle, and the survival of the fittest is the natural law. How to maintain the position of the strong in front of some cruel laws requires the thinking of people in the industry. Domestic pad printing enterprises generally have the problem of poor innovation ability, which is caused by the imperfection and cruelty of China's market economic system for a long time. It is also a fatal scar covered up by the rapid development of China's economy. One day, we will find a truth: only those enterprises with strong innovation ability can really lead China's pad printing to face new challenges. Innovation is the weapon for us to face all difficulties. Only through innovation can we always stay in the forefront and become the last winner

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