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The current situation and development of China's tobacco packaging and printing market (3)

but 30% or more of the area of the cigarette label design pattern is occupied by the aphorism or visual image, then the overall visual effect of the cigarette label will undergo revolutionary changes. More than a year after the introduction of the Convention, cigarette labels have been launched around the world in accordance with the requirements of the Convention for the public and insiders to judge

for nearly half a century before that, governments in various countries stipulated that health warnings should be printed on cigarette packets to remind smokers. In China, in 1990, the National Bureau stipulated that "smoking is harmful to health" must be added to all cigarette packages

as early as 1965 in the United States and 1971 in Canada, health warnings have been implemented. However, in the past 20 years, surveys of smokers have shown that the black-and-white warning messages printed on the side of cigarette packs have lost the effectiveness they once had

the restriction on cigarette bag design in the Convention is precisely because simple written warnings have no longer attracted the attention of smokers. And these disgusting pictures, such as bleeding and decaying gums and teeth, scarred and blackened heart, brain damaged by stroke caused by smoking, are to make the smoker's extended hand retract again

according to the report of the Canadian government health agency, from 2000 to 2002, the number of Canadian smokers decreased by 600000 in the year after the implementation of the new warning system in Canada. In a survey conducted by the Canadian Cancer Association last year, nearly half of the people said that whenever they had the urge to light cigarettes, the shocking pictures on the cigarette box would give them the motivation to stop

5. The impact of the Framework Convention on tobacco control on Chinese cigarette packs

because the design style of foreign cigarette packs is simple, refreshing, and mostly composed of words and lines, it will be easier to change to the direction specified in the Convention. The design of the "Chinese style cigarette label" has a strong background of traditional oriental culture. It mostly sets off the text and patterns with thick ink and heavy colors, with a strong Chinese national style. If one day, according to the requirements of the Convention, warnings or pictures account for more than 30%, it will seriously affect the design expressiveness of "Chinese style cigarette labels". From the perspective of Chinese traditional culture and the historical habits of smokers, it is difficult for them to recognize and identify. If, like Canada, the number of Chinese smokers drops sharply, it will not only have a huge impact on China's tobacco industry, but also on the cigarette packet printing industry. Therefore, with the drastic changes in China's tobacco industry in, the cigarette package printing industry is also facing a reshuffle

therefore, in order to increase the design power of cigarette labels from now on, cigarette label printing enterprises must carefully study the relevant provisions of the Convention, understand the meaning of various provisions, widely and deeply study and learn from the changes in cigarette labels and design styles of countries that have implemented the Convention (Canada, Brazil, etc.), and design cigarette labels that meet China's national conditions on the basis of a thorough understanding of the provisions and national cigarette labels, In order to seize the lead in the upcoming wave of cigarette label upgrading

IV. development trend of cigarette bag design and printing

before talking about the development trend, first make a summary of the current situation of the domestic tobacco industry

a. industrial and commercial separation, merger and reorganization, and collectivization development towards integrated processing technology reaching the leading level in the industry

the state tobacco monopoly administration has a specific layout for this. From intra provincial merger to cross provincial merger, it has completed the construction of three major tobacco centers in China:

(1) the first center: Shanghai as the leader, combined with Beijing and Tianjin, surrounding Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Jiangsu and Anhui around Shanghai, with "China

China" and "Great Red Eagle" as the core brands

(2) second center: Yunnan as the leader, with "Hongta", "Yunyan" and "Honghe" as the core

(3) the third center: Hunan as the leader, radiating Hubei and Guangdong, with "Baisha" and "furongwang" as the core brands

B. with the introduction of the catalogue of white brand cigarette products, cigarette brands will be significantly reduced

C. The Framework Convention on tobacco control will enter into force in three years, which will bring a huge impact to the tobacco industry

to sum up, we can draw the development trend of cigarette bag design and printing:

trend 1: cigarette bag printing production will be highly centralized. The cigarette packet printing market is more competitive, and small and medium-sized cigarette packet printing enterprises will face production changes

trend 2: cigarette bag design and printing will develop towards "simplicity" and "luxury"

the "luxury" performance of various high-end cigarette packs will slowly fall, and only a few high-end cigarettes recognized by the market can be preserved. With the entry into force of the Convention and the integration of Chinese tobacco with the world, the demand for cost reduction is becoming stronger and stronger, which will inevitably lead to the resurgence of "Minimalism"

trend 3: cigarette package printing will develop from web multicolor gravure printing to web multicolor offset printing and flexo printing

as China has joined the WTO, Chinese tobacco is bound to integrate with the world tobacco. Under the situation of large-scale siege of foreign tobacco on the Chinese market, Chinese tobacco should not only hold its own position, but also find ways to break out of the siege and go to the world, so as to develop and expand itself

foreigners' aesthetic habits, life interests and other factors must be carefully considered. Their cigarette bag design is mostly based on light tone text lines. The whole cigarette bag design reflects a "refreshing", "pure" and "simple and elegant" style. With this style of design, the printing process is simple. In addition to multi-color gravure printing, which can continue to play its unique advantages and play an important role in cigarette bag printing, flexographic printing and offset printing, which have good performance in printing tone and image, will be further developed

trend 4: Green cigarette labels will be paid more and more attention by cigarette enterprises

first of all, due to the increasing publicity on the harmfulness of cigarettes in the society, it will become a new trend for cigarette enterprises PE and PP to take "green" packaging as a selling point in order to improve their health image (the new hard box "Panda" cigarette launched by Shanghai Cigarette Factory claims to use all environmental protection materials). Cigarette enterprises not only continue to improve the cigarette formula and production process (Platinum "Hongtashan", "Zhenlong" and other filters are made of two pieces, one of which contains activated carbon), but also continue to require the use of packaging materials that can decompose by themselves and do not pollute the environment, so as to form the minimum waste and environmental pollution as far as possible. Therefore, environmental friendly ink, white cardboard and transfer aluminum foil will become the mainstream of cigarette bag production market in the future

trend 5: cigarette hard packaging will become the mainstream of tobacco packaging in the world

2004 is destined to be the most extraordinary year in China's tobacco industry. In addition to the industrial and commercial separation, reorganization and merger, all cigarette enterprises have made every effort to launch a fierce offensive in brand innovation and brand promotion under the call of the National Bureau for "big brand" and "big market". In particular, high-end cigarette products staged a "beach landing". For a time, "flames of war rose everywhere, and the heroes developed simultaneously", forming the "Warring States era" of today's high-end cigarettes. 20-30 yuan is no longer high-end, 30-50 yuan can be seen everywhere, and 60-120 yuan/bag is not fresh. It should be said that all brands have high-end cigarettes available, and its typical representative products are:

Shanghai Cigarette Factory: rounded design hard bag "Panda", the ex factory price is 800 yuan/bag, and when it was first launched, the cigarette retail store fried 4800 yuan/bag. Now there are retail stores with a price of 2300 yuan/bag. Therefore, the soft pack "Zhonghua" is no longer the top-grade cigarette of Shanghai cigarette factory

Yuxi cigarette factory: "platinum Yuxi" 320 yuan/piece, "platinum Hongtashan" 160 yuan/piece

Kunming Cigarette Factory: launched "Yunnan impression" on July 9, with a retail price of 600 yuan/piece. The original best product "best Yunyan" has retreated to the second place

Honghe Cigarette Factory: on July 12, it launched China's first horizontal design "Honghe V 8". The retail price of upholstered products is 610 yuan/piece, and that of flip products is 550 yuan/piece

Changsha Cigarette Factory: "best white sand" 1000 yuan/piece, "treasure white sand" 300 yuan/piece

Changde cigarette factory: Diamond soft bag "Lotus king", the market retail price up to 850 yuan/piece

Xuzhou cigarette factory: the highest document "Su Yan", the highest price reached 1300 yuan/piece

Chengdu cigarette factory: soft bag "boutique Jiaozi", 400 yuan/piece

Zhengzhou cigarette factory: 16 boxed "golden leaves" 500 yuan/piece

in addition to the above examples, other cigarette factories have high-end cigarettes, which are not listed here. However, these high-end cigarette packages have the same characteristics: they extremely pursue the high-end cigarette packaging, and most of them are titled as "high-quality", "precious", "best", "XX king" and so on. They can't wait to be wrapped in gold and silver, and go to the extreme of luxury. Some cigarette packs are beautifully made, so that smokers have a sense of waste when throwing away cigarette packs after smoking cigarettes. The designers of cigarette labels and cigarette manufacturers have forgotten that the basic function of cigarettes is only a consumer product. Cigarette packs can only stay in the hands of smokers for a day or two, or even a few hours, and are soon discarded. High price cigarette packs will consume a lot of social resources, and then be thrown away into garbage, which is undoubtedly a waste of social resources. Most consumers want to buy cigarettes with good quality and low price. The abnormal price of high-end cigarettes with high-end packaging can only make them stay away. People who buy cigarettes at their own expense will never buy such unrealistic high-end cigarettes. People who can afford such cigarettes will never spend their own money. As a result, gifts will be given with public funds, which will help people feel sore after strenuous exercise. Everyone will realize that what is too long is the wind of luxury and corruption. Most of these cigarettes are printed on laser holographic aluminum foil. Although the printed cigarette label shows noble metallic luster like gold and silver, its high cost and flexible packaging form are not in line with the world trend. In fact, the number of soft pack cigarettes in the global tobacco market is decreasing, and the proportion of hard pack cigarettes is rising

it is predicted that by 2009, the market share of soft pack cigarettes will shrink to 30%. Cigarette hard packaging will be the main packaging method of tobacco in the world. China's tobacco industry will also move with the world trend. It is expected that the market share of China's tobacco hard packaging will also increase to 60%~70% in a few years, while the current domestic cigarette soft and hard packaging account for 50% of the market respectively. This tendency towards hard packaging also stems from the rapid development of hard packaging cigarette packaging machines. As the packaging speed of hard pack cigarette packaging machine is much faster than that of soft pack cigarette packaging machine, it is more attractive to large cigarette factories. (author unit: Beijing duopai packaging and printing equipment Co., Ltd. information source: Wang Weixin, gravure printing Summit Forum and international technology exchange conference in 2004)

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