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The current situation and development of plastic antioxidants

Abstract 91 this paper mainly introduces the current situation and development trend of the main plastic antioxidants at home and abroad, and puts forward some suggestions for the current situation of antioxidants in China. Antioxidant is an important category of polymer stabilizing additives, and its application involves almost all polymer products. Antioxidants for plastics usually include phenolic antioxidants, phosphorus and sulfur auxiliary antioxidants and metal ion passivators to prevent oxidative degradation of resins during processing and application. Foreign production status and variety development 1.1 phenolic antioxidants phenolic antioxidants are all kinds of antioxidants that do not pollute and have good discoloration * and can be divided into mono phenol, bisphenol and polyphenols. At present, blocked brewing is still the mainstream of the market, and the order volume of single screw extruder is also reduced by 2% However, it is well-known for 1 Zhu Jie 1010 and 1076* out of 0. However, with the continuous development of new products and the development and production of asymmetric hindered phenol antioxidants, they show better thermal oxidation stability and color change resistance than traditional products. 1 It has replaced the general trend in the field of polymer oxidation resistance in the world. New antioxidants with this structure include 071790 brand, appearance melting point, application of near white powder, etc. yes, the protective effect is particularly good. White or especially suitable for benzene olefin polymer powder such as flood light yellow, Sumitomo chemical white powder, high-performance polyolefin antioxidant Xudian chemical. In addition, it complies with the requirements of processing and application performance of recycled plastics and engineering plastics, Molecular quantification and heat stability have become a major trend in the development of antioxidant varieties in the world. At present, the effective varieties reported include Ding 0510 company, 33503 company and 1-job 1425 plus company. The development of polymeric and reactive hindered phenol antioxidants is also very active in recent years. 818 Shen is a polymerized hindered brewing variety of 1010 company * near Yingshi. This 1-foot-300 represents a new level in the development of phenol varieties with blocked reactions in the world. According to company 0, this product contains reactive hydrazine functional groups, which can be directly bonded to the polymer backbone under processing conditions, maintaining a lasting anti oxygen stability effect. Phosphorus antioxidants phosphite antioxidants, as auxiliary antioxidants, have been actively developed and studied. Its development trend is to use phosphite and phenolic antioxidants as main and auxiliary antioxidants, which can make full use of them. Molecular quantification this kind of molecular antioxidant has low volatility, high precipitation resistance and good durability. A typical example is 51008, such as 1 Improving hydrolytic stability traditional phosphite is easy to hydrolyze, which directly affects the synthesis, storage and application performance. Therefore, improving the hydrolytic stability of phosphite has been the focus of attention all over the world. Since the 1980s, Asahi electrochemical Co., Ltd. of Japan has had very high hydrolytic stability and color thermal stability 2 1.3 sulfur antioxidants 3 in recent years, the development of sulfur antioxidants is relatively slow, and the traditional products thiopropionate still dominate the application market of sulfur antioxidants. In terms of progress, the development of high molecular weight and functional varieties is the main direction of the development of sulfur antioxidants. The modern varieties in Yingshi in the 1980s include suilizertp 1.352 Recently, the company has developed a new product with the brand of "like 142", which combines the advantages of two auxiliary antioxidants, thioester and phosphite, and has good stability, color improvement and lasting weather resistance. Under warm conditions, there is no odor escaping, and it can produce a good synergistic stability effect with the stabilizer. At the same time, the company has launched a liquid sulfur antioxidant 1520 with intramolecular self synergistic effect. The structure of plastic bags, especially ultra-thin plastic bags, is as follows 1520. Two functional groups, hindered and thioester, are combined in the molecule. The self synergistic effect of the two stabilizing groups is naturally used to stabilize the function. In terms of application performance, the elimination of residual mercaptan odor is still the key to expand its application field. Metal ion passivators 3 bis salicylidene amine and oxalamide are typical metal ion passivators for polymers. From the perspective of variety development trend, multi-function is its main feature. Most of the functional metal ion passivators are products that bond hindered phenol functional groups. They give the products copper resistance and resistance at the same time. We can provide solutions along the whole process chain. The effective component of hot vitamin antioxidant vitamin is tocopherol butyl, which not only shows extreme antioxidant activity, but also eliminates or reduces the odor in plastic packaging materials, Therefore, the plastic packaging industry, especially food and pharmaceutical manufacturers, is showing great interest in this. Although the price of vitamins is usually 34 times that of hindered phenols such as 1 flower 3 and 1076, the actual compounding cost is lower than 40 of the corresponding phenolic antioxidant, which has substitution potential. Only 1 ying13 company is the manufacturer of this project, and its antioxidant product name is only visit this kind of antioxidant 1 job 5 Composite antioxidant 2 composite antioxidant is a compound of hindered phenol and phosphite thioester, which has the characteristics of short development cycle, good antioxidant performance, capital and labor saving. In recent years, the development of composite antioxidants is very active. In terms of composition, the complex of hindered phenol and phosphite is dominant. The more famous products are the company's 188 series irganoxliganoxliganoxhpirganoxxp5 and the company's 18* Recently, in order to meet the needs of recycled plastic technology, the company has introduced only 671513 and 8 special composite antioxidants for recycled plastics 2 current situation and development of plastic antioxidants in China 6 in recent years, the development of antioxidants in China has been quite active, and a number of excellent antioxidant varieties have been successfully developed, such as antioxidants. Pay attention to the research on the synergistic effect of main and auxiliary antioxidants, and the mixed products have become the focus of developing new products. For example, the phenolic main antioxidant with 1010 as the substitute and the phosphite auxiliary antioxidant with 168 as the substitute are compounded into antioxidant 3 series, which is very popular with users. In addition, according to the current requirements for antioxidant application technology, the production of dust-free and granular composite antioxidants can not only improve the uniformity of ingredients, but also contribute to the synergy. As China's reform and opening-up situation is getting better and better, international exchanges and cooperation of antioxidants are becoming more and more frequent. Shanghai Gaoqiao Petrochemical Swiss joint venture 44013 antioxidant device has made substantial progress, and other internationally renowned antioxidant manufacturers are also stepping up cooperation with China. It can be predicted that the implementation of these cooperation will inject new vitality into the development of antioxidant in China. 3 development suggestion 7 3.1 pay attention to the theoretical longitudinal load of 4440n; In the fully locked position, it should be able to bear the longitudinal load of 11110n. Research and application technology development are not separated. China has no self-developed team and system for the research on aging and anti-aging mechanism and the research and development of new antioxidants. It basically imitates some foreign products and technologies, and the lack of innovative mechanism restricts the development of new varieties of antioxidants. Adjust the variety structure of antioxidant products appropriately. Since the production of antioxidant products in China is mainly to solve the localization of antioxidants used in imported devices, overemphasizing the role of such an antioxidant system will lead to the simplification of antioxidant varieties and formulas in China, which is not conducive to the development of antioxidant industry. Expand production scale and improve production technology at present, the production scale of antioxidant manufacturers in China is small, and it is difficult to realize modernization of equipment and process control means, resulting in unstable product cost and quality. In the future, China's antioxidant industry should develop in the direction of large-scale continuity. 1 Yin Shuqing, Zhang Bohua. Application and development trend of antioxidants. Liaoning 2 Wang Kezhi. Phosphite commercial antioxidant and its application. Modern plastic plus Wang Kezhi. Development and application of plastic additives. Plastic technology 4 Liu Yangqiu. Analysis of the development and marketing status of plastic additives. Modern sculpture Zheng Maokun. The development of plastic additives industry in China. Fine chemicals, 7 wangmingtang. Development and suggestions of domestic plastic additives production. CHEMCHINA

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