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The current situation and development of pharmaceutical packaging in Yunnan (Part 2)

① the project establishment and configuration of pharmaceutical packaging material production enterprises are unreasonable

injections and oral preparations are the main dosage forms of pharmaceutical production enterprises in our province, because there is no production capital of pharmaceutical ampoules and capsule shells in the province; As a result, ampoules for injection were all purchased outside the province. The research team believes that most capsule shells were purchased outside the province; ② The production capacity of drug packaging material production enterprises is limited, which can not fully meet the material needs of drug production enterprises in the province

Taking Kunming Pharmaceutical Group as an example, some aluminum foil, plastic bottles, etc. need to be purchased outside the province, and other pharmaceutical enterprises also have similar situations

③ due to the relative shortage of technology, equipment and funds, the products of drug packaging material production enterprises in the province are at a relative disadvantage compared with the products of similar enterprises outside the province

most of the drug packaging material production enterprises in our province are township enterprises, which have the problems of small scale, poor personnel quality, low equipment level and technical level. Compared with the developed coastal provinces, there is still a certain gap

3 packaging materials and containers manufacturers

other materials and containers for drug packaging that may directly affect the quality of drugs, mainly refer to paper products such as cartons, paper labels, instructions, paper plastic composite bags, corrugated cartons, aluminum plastic bags, metal containers, etc. According to the classification, it can be seen that the mainstream equipment is digital display impact testing machine and microcomputer controlled screen display impact testing machine. According to the provisions of packaging laws and regulations such as the measures for the administration of pharmaceutical packaging materials and containers (Provisional), there are now more than 10 packaging and printing enterprises with the registration certificate of pharmaceutical packaging materials in the province, and the printing equipment and technology of some enterprises have reached the domestic leading level. On the basis of giving full play to the advantages of local sources, Only by continuously improving labor productivity, reducing printing costs and improving product quality can we compete with printing enterprises outside the province, seize business opportunities, and provide all-round high-quality services for drug manufacturers in the province

for printing enterprises with aging processes and outdated equipment, they should fully analyze the existing market capacity and the development trend of drug packaging, be brave in exploration, actively innovate, improve processes and equipment, and keep up with the pace of the pharmaceutical industry and economic development of Yunnan Province

4 countermeasures

first, we should cultivate the brand of single arm digital display model and build the brand of this equipment under normal circumstances. The key to development is the brand, whether it is refined or not. Therefore, we should bring in advanced ideas and management, find highlights, tap potential, strive to cultivate brands, expand markets and innovate markets. The second is to strengthen personnel training and improve personnel quality. After some enterprises have passed the certification, the flow of key technical personnel is very large, which will affect the consolidation and improvement of enterprise management level. Therefore, it is necessary to retain technical personnel, make efforts in training, and transform the enterprise culture into the actual actions of employees, so that the quality of personnel can leap to a new level and accumulate the development momentum of enterprises

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