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The current situation and development of waste paper treatment in China

the utilization and treatment of waste paper in China was used to make or match toilet paper and low-grade cardboard after simple cooking, dredging, beating and washing in the 1970s. By the 1980s, the recovery rate of waste paper had reached about 25%, and a few manufacturers could also produce deinked pulp. After entering the 1990s, some large and medium-sized paper-making enterprises have successively introduced deinking equipment and technology, including production lines, from abroad, and made targeted improvements and innovations in waste paper deinking agents and waste paper deinking equipment, so that China's waste paper utilization and treatment technology and equipment assembly level can be comprehensively developed

some large cardboard production enterprises produce high-grade products by using imported waste paper and imported deinking equipment and technology. For example, Shanghai Hongwen Paper Industry Co., Ltd., Fujian Qingzhou Paper Mill, Liaoyang industrial Paperboard Factory, Anhui Wuhu Dongfang board paper mill, etc. produce Kraft linerboard and papermaking bag paper on the imported production line or the original imported paper machine with imported waste corrugated boxes and recycled pulp treated by thermal dispersion method or cold screening method as the core and bottom pulp, which is not only of high quality and grade, Moreover, the imported old corrugated paper containing adhesives and impurities that affect production and are easy to cause paper disease can also be effectively treated to ensure the normal operation of the production line. Enterprises represented by Guangzhou Paper Co., Ltd., Zhonghua Paper Co., Ltd. and Fujian Nanping Paper Co., Ltd. introduced deinking production lines or main equipment from abroad, and used flotation washing comprehensive method to treat old newspapers and magazine paper. Guangzhou paper mill and Fujian Nanping Paper Co., Ltd. make paper with recycled pulp. Ningbo Zhonghua Paper Co., Ltd. used recycled waste paper pulp as core pulp and bottom pulp to produce coated white paperboard, and achieved good results

some domestic research and production units have cooperated to research and develop deinking technology and equipment. After innovation by using the existing conditions of the enterprise, the production of small batch of recycled pulp of waste paper has been successful. Manufacturers in Xuchang, Jiaozuo, suixian, Xinxiang and other places in Henan Province use imported AOCC and other waste paper to make high-strength corrugated paper and carton board with remarkable results. Fuzhou No.2 paper mill, Nanning Xinyang paper mill and other small and medium-sized enterprises use domestic equipment and technology to produce toilet paper and low-grade white paperboard. Hebi paper mill in Henan Province slightly reformed its original equipment to produce recycled paper from old newspapers. The papermaking street in Xuchang and Yanshi uses waste paper to produce toilet paper. Some factories selling fake masks during the epidemic prevention period in Xinmi have made good profits in using domestic old cartons to produce medium and low-grade products such as cardboard and kraft tissue paper. Zigzag corrosion experiments can also be carried out

domestic equipment manufacturers and chemical production and research units have also achieved good results in equipment performance and chemical quality through cooperation. For example, Hangzhou Light Industry Research Institute has developed a small waste paper treatment process and waste paper deinking system. The waste paper treatment equipment studied by Liaoyang paper machinery factory and Fujian Light Industry Machinery Factory has formed a supporting system, which can be used safely and successfully put into production. Some paper machinery factories in Shandong also produce different types of deinking equipment, which have been purchased by manufacturers for use from the perspective of environmental protection. In addition, various deinking agents developed by Fujian paper research institute, Hangzhou Institute of chemical industry, Tianjin University of science and technology and other units have also been recognized by users

insiders put forward several suggestions on how to reasonably recycle and utilize waste paper:

⑴ strict control should be exercised when purchasing waste paper raw materials. In particular, imported waste paper, in the current situation of more supply channels, we should be more cautious. Enterprises must conduct a comprehensive inspection of waste paper suppliers to understand the source of supply, economic strength, reputation and so on, so as to avoid being deceived

⑵ enterprises with strong financial and technical strength can also introduce foreign existing deinking technology and equipment, including production lines, to produce high-quality recycled pulp and high-grade products while purchasing foreign used corrugated boxes, old magazine paper and old paper. For enterprises that have recovered straw pulp alkali, they can also use imported waste paper recycled pulp to add straw pulp and commercial wood pulp, and prepare high-grade cultural paper in proportion

⑶ for paper mills that have been shut down or have no hope of pollution control, a small amount of money can be invested to slightly improve and transform the original equipment, and domestic waste paper can be used to produce low-grade toilet paper, ordinary corrugated paper or recycled paper and other products. Domestic and imported waste pulp can also be used to make medium and high-grade products, which will probably get out of the dilemma

⑷ when purchasing waste paper, enterprises should classify and use it in combination with their own equipment conditions, technical strength, production varieties, etc. Imported corrugated boxes and AOCC waste paper can be used to produce high-grade carton board, high and medium grade corrugated paper and paper bag paper, or as the material for the core pulp and bottom pulp of white paperboard; Using waste newspapers plus about 30% old magazine paper, after flotation washing comprehensive deinking, paper can be produced or used as the core pulp and bottom lining pulp of white paperboard; Using imported office waste paper, such as copy paper, computer printing paper, etc., and using new deinking methods, we can produce high-grade cultural printing paper on improved paper machines or imported production lines. The purchased domestic waste paper can be used to produce medium and low-grade box paperboard and toilet paper. At the same time, when using waste paper to recycle paper, we should pay attention to the use of chemical additives to make up for the lack of physical strength and other indicators of paper products

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