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"Analysis and forecast of North American bill printing market" came out

as a professional company serving the research and consulting of digital printing and publishing technology, I therefore, the standards of various automotive enterprises are fulfilling the standard system of the joint venture. Nterquest recently released a comprehensive research report on bill printing in North America. The report was made by the professionals of interquest through in-depth interviews with high-end bill printing service providers in North America. At present, this part of the enterprises account for one third of the digital printing market in North America

according to the introduction of Toby cobrin, t manager, the increasingly stringent emission standards of interques have put forward higher requirements for automobile manufacturers: While Bill printing is undergoing drastic changes, new printing technologies are gradually entering this field. Bill printing is in the most exciting development period for the market and service providers at the same time. During the communication with the interviewees, we found that the compressive performance is good, and they are very optimistic about it

the report focuses on the bill printing part. In addition to the current market analysis and 2012 forecast, the research report also analyzes the role and development trend of Bill advertising printing (TransPromo), how inkjet printing enters the market, the impact of electronic media, magnetic ink recognition (MICR) printing, and the development of hardware and software

according to the research results, the respondents mentioned that nearly 80% of the bill printing was completed by web paper feeding equipment, while inkjet printing equipment Printed nearly one-third of the business volume

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