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Jinyatuo launched the world's first "integrated" IOT module

the new IOT module can provide connection services based on 12 LTE bands and suitable for 2G or 3G networks through a single device

jinyatuo (Pan European stock exchange NL GTO), the global leader in digital security, announced a major breakthrough in the field of wireless engineering and expanded its industrial IOT connection performance. Jinyatuo launched the industry's first IOT module, which can provide world-class connection services based on 12 LTE bands and suitable for 2G and 3G networks through a single device, greatly simplifying logistics distribution and reducing the deployment cost of global IOT

in the next decade, the market value of industrial IOT is expected to exceed US $195billion, affecting many fields such as manufacturing, energy, transportation and so on [1]. The industrial IOT, which led the fourth industrial revolution, relies on world-class connectivity solutions that can be easily deployed and extremely efficient anywhere in the world

integrated IOT module

jinyatuo's new Cinterion (R) pls62-w IOT module can provide efficient LTE cat based on 12 LTE bands 1 connect services, and can seamlessly connect to multi band 3G or 2G networks when 4G cannot be used. This will help equipment manufacturers and integrators develop applications that can be connected anywhere in the world, and the solution can be flexibly deployed even if there are different cellular standards in different regions

embedded system simplifies and accelerates the development process of new products

IOT module contains a powerful Java (R) embedded system, which improves the processing capacity of IOT solutions. By sharing memory, a large existing open source code base and approved software building blocks, this solution can make the application design process easier and faster, and simplify life cycle management and back-end IT system integration

optimized power management

advanced power management system can ensure reliability and provide optimized sleep mode, thus helping to save power and prolong battery life. This is particularly important for remote industrial applications that are expected to reach 5.2 billion by 2025 [1]

Andreas Haegele, senior vice president of jinyatuo IOT products, said: This is very suitable for solutions for global tracking, remote on-board information processing and vehicle management. So no matter where your IOT solution is deployed or transferred, Cinterion multi band LTE cat 1 module (also applicable to 2G and 3G networks) can provide one-stop cellular IOT connection services. For applications that need to run in different wireless network environments for many years, efficient Cinterion pls62-w is an excellent choice

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